Monday, December 19, 2005

You Can Call Me 'Happy'

And by 'Happy', I mean, angry.

I can't believe the insanity I've been hearing over the past couple of days.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to write this sooner.

So If I sound a little pissed off from time to time, please forgive me in advance.

Bush Defends Domestic Eavesdropping

Year-End News Conference Caps Rough Year for the President


Dec. 19, 2005 President Bush declared Monday that he has the power to approve eavesdropping within the United States without going through standard legal procedures.

"Do I have the legal authority to do this? The answer is, absolutely," a defiant Bush said at a year-end news conference dominated by questions about his support for the secret domestic surveillance program.

ARGGHH! Let me stop right here!

Let's clarify, there was no domestic to domestic eavesdropping here, only US calls to other countries.

And what is up with that sub-title!?

A Rough Year For The President?

Well, let's see, we survived hurricanes, and still our economy is strong, and fuel prices are down and tolerable again.

Iraq just held a successful election that puts them on the path to self-government and self-security, meaning the US can pull out it's troops!

That is the goal, right!?

And despite the media and the Left Dems bashing him at every turn, his approval rating is up.

Yep, Jessica, a rough year indeed!

Moving on, notice how she describes Bush as 'defiant'.

Why, because he stated a fact you don't like?

Let's get something straight.

Did the phone calls between you and your family get listened in on?

Of course not.

Think logically, look around the damn freeway when you drive, there are at least a bazillion phone calls taking place everyday. I know, a bazillion is not a number, but you get the picture.

The government doesn't have the man-power, or the motivation to listen to you and I talk about the personal B.S. we all talk about.

They were only targeting international calls, and again, they do not have the man-power or motivation-to even listen to international calls to grandma, talking about the new babies first word.

Now, I am not in the CIA, but I would bet money that they have some computer surveillance program to listen for key words, and then, and only then, would a real person check it out.

And, apparently we are talking about a couple hundred phone calls out of all the phone calls ever made since 9/11, a couple freakin' hundred calls, out of litterally billions!!

At this point, I am willing to call this an act of treason on the part of the New York Times.

Now to the rest of this article by the un-biased Jessica Yellin...

News of the domestic surveillance program threatened to overshadow the president's other messages. In the hour-long East Room event, Bush did find an opening to play politics lashing out at Senate Democrats who have blocked passage of the Patriot Act. Without naming Harry Reid or Hillary Clinton, he slammed them by geographic implication, saying, "I want senators from New York or Los Angeles or Las Vegas to go home and explain why these cities are safer," without the bill. The Patriot Act is set to expire if the Senate does not vote to renew it before winter recess.

Yes Jessica, he was threatened by a story that litterally has no relevance to the lives of 99.999% of US citizens, to discuss a matter that threatens our countries safety as a whole, how dare him!

And Jess, if calling out Senators by region is 'playing politics', you must hate it when the Dems attack President Bush by name or title.


You're fine with that aren't you?

I thought so.

I'm sorry that our President has some decorum when it comes to playing politics.

Frankly, I live in SoCal, close enough to Los Angeles, and I would like answers!

I want to know I am safe in my own country.

I have been reading, and hearing the media and the Dems calling the Patriot-Act block a 'Victory'.

That pisses me off!

From Atlas Shrugs...

When asked: Ashcroft on the Patriot Act 12/01/05

"There has been not been one single case in America............Diane Feinstein testified before the Senate committee that she had received 20,000 letters complaining about everything from soup to nuts and Feinstein had her staff go through every one of those letters. And not one , not one even simple case of abuse. Not one. And Feinstien called the ACLU and asked them for a specific example and she said they couldn't name one."

Why do we elect politicians?

Their primary job is to keep the peace, resolve disputes between the people they represent, and keep us safe.

After this display, most have failed!

All I have seen from my representation is that they take part of my paycheck, 20% of the cost of the 'high price' of fuel I buy goes to them, and they blame oil companies, and I can't get my Senator Boxer, to even respond as to why!


Blogger Pastorius said...

Good stuff, bro. I hope you post this as a teaser on IBA.

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT STUFF... I agree with you bro. :-)

11:26 AM  
Blogger Cosmo Kramer said...

Spying? this is getting crazy, it is not part of our consitution! It makes me feel icky, and violated!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I TOATLLY agree with cosmo kramer! And how do you know you wern't evesdropped on? U don't. So stop posting on this stupid, idiotic blog and go get a life. Ether that of go stick your head in a septic tank.....

7:12 AM  

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