Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Can't Wait!

OK, I'm excited and annoyed that I have to fly tomorrow.

Excited, because I'm going to see The Wicked Pixie, annoyed because I have fly.

I'm flying Southwest, the airline in the news this week for booting a fatty.

I have three issues with taking this flight.

One, airport security is a joke.  I hate that the TSA is still taught to look for things and not people.  It's so dumb, they are looking for 'stuff' that could be a threat when they should be asking people questions.  Seriously, three questions and the underwear bomber never would have made it to the plane on Christmas...Why don't you have an address?  Why did you pay (approx) $2000 in cash for a one way ticket?  Why don't you have any luggage?  Do you think he would have tipped his hand or at least freaked out a little?  If anyone freaks out over simple questions, red flag.  Instead TSA installs body scanners.

I am looking forward to going through the body scanner, I do love to show off my junk!

Two, I have a gift for The Wicked Pixie but as I was packing I realized it won't be allowed on the plane.  I guess I could check my bag, but what's the point of packing light for a simple extended weekend if you have to check your bag?
Three, and this is a good thing.  I heard some Fat-Bastard groups are boycotting Southwest because of how they treated Fat-ass Kevin Smith.  This is great news for me!  The thought of getting stuck next to some fatty is not a pleasant one. 

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that the TSA is bullshit and doesn't make me feel safer, only violated.

I've heard other talk shows say they should only profile Muslims.  

This is also foolish and reactionary, and TSA is already foolish and reactionary.

Again, no address, paid cash for a one-way ticket, no luggage.  All red flags.  My fucking shoes and a bottle of water are not!

If a passenger raises red flags, question him further, let the rest of us move along...

With our shoes on!


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