Monday, April 19, 2010

Chuck Schumer Sucks

Some things are indisputably the business of a government of limited sovereignty based in law: establishing a military to protect the population from external threats, maintaining a court system where citizens can resolve disputes according to procedures and laws set forth ahead of time in a transparent and impartial manner so that people don't have to take the law into their own hands. Oh yeah, and deciding whether airline companies can charge potential customers a fee for their carry-on bag.

From the Treason Times:

Senator Charles E. Schumer said Sunday that he had commitments from five airlines that they would not charge passengers a fee for carry-on baggage.

Mr. Schumer, Democrat of New York, said he had received the promises in personal calls from top airline executives.

The carriers are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines and US Airways.

The low-budget carrier Spirit Airlines recently said it planned to charge up to $45 for carry-on bags that do not fit under seats.

“We have begun to put the brakes on runaway and out-of-control airline fees,” Mr. Schumer said in a news release. “I am pleased some of the major carriers have responded to our efforts and have agreed not to charge for something that has always been free.”

Mr. Schumer said he planned to urge other carriers to make similar commitments and was encouraging Spirit to reverse its decision.

Mr. Schumer and other lawmakers have proposed legislation that would block the fees by declaring carry-on bags as essential for air travel.
Yeah. Or...and I'm just throwing this out there. Or maybe, Chuck, the different airlines could decide whether they want to charge a carry-on bag fee or not, and the consumers (you know, those people who, according to one school of thought, have the right to not spend their money on something if they don't want to) can decide if they're willing to pay the fee, or choose a different airline?

In other words, maybe the government doesn't need to stick its greasy, corrupt, slimy finger into every tiny crevice of our once free-market economy?

Maybe some people would prefer to be on a flight where you land, the door opens, and everyone walks off like normal people, instead of waiting for a half hour for everyone to pull their giant roll-on suitcases out of the overhead bins?

Why is that your fucking business Schumer, you fucking scumbag? Schumer, why don't you get a job doing something productive like working for a moving company, or painting people's houses, anything! Anything other than what you're doing. You are a fucking parasite. Other people produce, you suck away their lifeblood. Other parasites have voted you into the position you occupy, and in exchange, you help them keep sucking away at the host as well. These scum are going to kill the host if we don't stop them.

I have an idea! I like when pizza places sell Jamaican beef patties but I don't like when they feature slices with broccoli. Therefore, the government should establish a set of regulations for what items pizza places must carry, and may not carry, or may carry if they pay a broccoli surcharge.

Question: What is the problem with government micromanagement (if you're a business owner, keep your hands down, give the other kids a chance to think about it for a moment) -- you know, besides the fact that it's annoying, and that it takes away consumer choice, and stifles competition? It's evil because the larger the reach of government, the more worthless unproductive parasites have to be given desks, salaries, and health club reimbursement plans so they can show up at a newly-created pseudo-job from 10 to 5 plus an annual 5 weeks of vacation, from which they can never be fired no matter how incompetent and stupid they are, at the Department of Carry-On Bag Fee Compliance, which will have to be staffed with a personnel department, cleaning crews, etc. Or you could give those duties to somebody who is already recieves welfare in the form of their government pseudo-job. And how many young, peppy, parasites in training are on Schumer's payroll (i.e., are sucking your blood through your hide as you read these words), how much latte money do they require as they check their Facebook pages while they review drafts of Schumer's groundbreaking Carry-On Bag Regulation Initiative of April 2010?

The productive segment of society gets stuck when the government hamstrings it by imposing annoying fees and restrictions on how it can conduct itself. The government leeches bleed away business through regulation. Then businesses have to raise prices to survive, and pass those losses on to the consumer. And in order to keep the regulatory parasite sucking, the government pays it with salaries that come from taxes...again, stolen from the productive segment of society.

And what do Schumer's subjects get out of this? 40 bucks a couple times a year. If they fly. And if they choose an airline with that fee. So, more accurately, what they get is they won't have to choose for themselves whether they want to pay the fee or not. Yeah, good thing you got involved in this one, Chuck. Benevolent government to the rescue.

Government getting involved at this level resembles all the pointless and annoying automated things you see in airport bathrooms. Someone spent significant time and money to create a sink where you're rewarded for waving your hand angrily back and forth for 30 seconds with a tiny trickle of water for 3 seconds -- after you go from sink to sink, like trying to find a slot machine that will pay off. Last time I flew, I was chagrined to learn that they had invented an automated system to cover the toilet seat with a rotating sheath of plastic wrap. You know, so that people won't have to lay toilet paper on the seat. Which I did anyway. Somehow, I and other passengers end up footing the bill for this unwanted and annoying automated crap. It doesn't pay for itself.

The morons who keep voting for the democrats in New York are moral slaves who get what they deserve.

By the way, when your mom is employed by the Department of Carry-On Bag Compliance, and your dad is the Assistant Executive Diversity Coordinator in the Department of Bureaus, are you going to vote for the candidate who promises to expand the soft caress of the loving nanny state, or for the guy who promises to rub salt on the leeches so the host may survive? The tipping point is not far off. What percentage of adults in the US "work" for the government? What was that percentage 20 years ago?

I have another idea. Schumer, how about you mind your own fucking business, you worthless, corrupt, parasitic scumbag? I hope next time you go to the airport, they've invented a mechanical arm that reaches out to wipe your ass for you, and I hope it short circuits and rams itself up into your intestines, just like you're ramming the hand of government up our collective ass. Schumer. Asshole. I hate you. You fucking jackass.

I don't suppose the major airlines have contributed to Schumer or his cronies? If so, have they given more than has the smaller startup company Spirit?

We should encourage innovation. Businesses should try new things to see if consumers go for them. If the carry-on fee is a bad idea, the market will bear that out. We don't need parasitic dinosaurs like Senator Shitbag to make those decisions for us. Somebody needs to throw you in a tar pit, Shitbag, and then in 10 million years some geezer will find your bones while digging in his yard, and a museum will pay him a sum to come in and excavate, then they will put you up in a diorama being menaced by a giant sloth. Just like how now, government workers are the sloths, and you're menacing me by being a giant douche and trying to ram your regulations into my earning potential's ass.

What does Schumer have against the airlines anyway, besides the fact that stewardesses can be real bitches?


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