Friday, November 04, 2005

Aaahhh Yes! Prop 63...

Good ol' Prop 63, I was sad when that one passed.

Miss Eyre, not being a millionaire, I forgot all about that one.

Here was my post against it from Nov. 19th, 2004.

You can help the mentally ill and it won't cost you anything...unless...

There was a Proposition on the California ballot this year for the mentally ill. The short version of it is that millionaires would pay and extra 1% to pay for care of the mentally ill. If you're not a millionaire, it costs you nothing. Sounds good, I'm not a millionaire, what do I care, those poor mentally ill need help, and 1% of a million is only 10 grand! They can afford it! Right!

Well, this is a very dangerous precedence, and it shows that maybe, just maybe, not everybody should be allowed to vote (I'm going to say that young voter apathy is instilled by God, as a way to not let college kids that don't get it, vote). Let's observe... Are the number of millionaires equal to the number of non-millionaires in California?

No, being part of the non-millionaire group, out of all the people I know, (and I know a lot of people) I only know a handfull of millionaires. I'll go out on a limb and say I know 25, I may have a hard time coming up with that many, but with the help of the few I know, I should be able to do it. Just for perspective, I have 54 voting age people that work for me, none of them millionaires. I also know a few people outside of work, go through my phone book, email list, friends, relatives, etc. gotta put me at say 500 people, to be conservative.

That puts us at...
Millionaires 25
Non-millionaires 500

Do you see a problem here? There is no chance that the millionaires are going to be able to defend themselves from this, against! Isn't the point of voting to protect us all from tyranny? Would you not call this tyranny? If there is another word for it, please, let me know!

This is why we must revamp our Proposition System, the way it stands now is irresponsible. Too many uninformed voters are swayed by good intentions without hearing the whole story. (Let's not even mention the $3 BILLION we just approved for stem cell research, that the groups that were FOR stem cell research urged us to vote against, =no accoutability) In this instance, what are millionaires supposed to do? They should NOT
have to get together, and spend a BUNDLE of their money just to fight against a tyrannical Proposition.

I don't have a great answer, I would love to hear from the other side, or a millionaire!

Keep in mind, most of us are not millionaires, but, I am a single person with no kids, a minority. What if a proposition was proposed...

Prop. 4US:
Since you have no spouse and no children to support you must have extra income, you're going to pay an extra 1% of your income to support at risk teens, just because we need money.

OOOHHH, now I care, now I feel it.

If, "you can place a vote, make a difference and not feel it." It is probably too good to be true.........

And now a year later, LA is cashing in, to the tune of $280 million.

$280 million dollars that was robbed from millionaires.

And I'm confident that LA will not mishandle that money. (Please get the sarcasm there).

One thing I didn't mention last year, if I could have talked to every millionaire, I would have urged everyone of them leave the state, just to prove that this is the kind of legislation that is killing the state.

Look at how many businesses we have lost to other states because California is so unfreindly to businesses.


I have a better solution.

It will kill 2 birds with one stone.

We can trade our homeless, for Illegal Aliens from Mexico.

Retroactive, of course.

We have way more than 91,000 Illegal Aliens in LA alone, so Mexico can take all of LA's homeless. We'll take a census of all the Illegals, and for every one we find, we'll send Mexico one of our homeless.

I bet you anything that would totally eliminate the homeless problem.

I wonder if Mexico would help us secure our boarder under that deal?

There you go, The Fu2rman solving the the problems of the world, one at a time.

What's next...?


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