Friday, December 30, 2005

Now It's Not the "Right" Food

The intolerance of anything different is getting way out of hand. As if I am surprised.

PALU, Indonesia (Reuters) - A suspected bomb blast rocked a crowded market selling pork in eastern Indonesia on Saturday, killing six people and wounding 45, local media reported. ...

Check out Patrick's post on his blog.

Fu2rman Update:

I had to add Patrick's last statement, as I found it very important to note.

I've never asserted that the majority of Muslims are bloodthirsty holy warriors, just waiting for that day when they receive the call to jihad (although the percentage of Muslims who aid and support jihad is another matter). But you know, it doesn't take a whole lot of vicious peaceful religionist true believers to hack the heads off of three kids on their way to school, to blow up a market where people go to buy food you don't like, or to incinerate 200 innocent people bringing big tourist money to your nation.

It doesn't take that many to start firing off staccato fatwas with personal and group names attached either. If your religion is peaceful, if it condemns violence against the innocent (and the word "innocent" is not a relative term), then start naming names and helping us to help you to reclaim your hijacked™ faith.


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