Friday, December 30, 2005

The Times

Is it the LA Times that sucks, or is it the NY Times?

I always forget...

Of course the answer is BOTH big cities Times suck!

First in a funny little story yesterday...

Wolves Thrive but Animosity Keeps Pace

In a nutshell, LA Times staff writer Julie Cart makes the case that the Canadian Gray Wolf has rebounded from near extinction, but the anti-eco-people are still out there in droves.

Yes Julie, there are all kinds of people that would like nothing more than to wipe certain species of the planet, if I could please vote, I pick Newspapers with the word "Times" in them!

Anyway, her bombshell quote was this.

"In Wyoming, for example, Gov. Dave Freudenthal last April decreed that the (Endangered Species Act) is no longer in force and that the state 'now considers the wolf as a federal dog' unworthy of protection," Cart wrote.

That would be horrible if the Governor of Wyoming would have put out such a decree!

But, he didn't, it was a hoax.

Way to check your facts Julie. I bet you didn't do your homework in school either.

I didn't see the paper, because I don't read the LA Times, but I understand it was on the front page, which seems odd, but whatever.

Maybe it was just the front page of one section of the paper, I don't know.

And, it doesn't matter, or I would go and do the homework to say what was correct, one way or the other!

And now I can talk crap on the NY Times.

I was scanning through some stuff, and saw a headline in the Business section, and I became totally enlightened!

Check this out, you won't even believe it...

U.S. Growth May Hinge on Businesses


So, like if businesses don't do no good, then the economy don't do no good?

Wow, you don't say.

I've heard newspapers are written to about an 8th grade reading level, but the concepts the write about don't have to be.

This article just shows the obvious bias against GW Bush, and his accomplishments.

Lets go back to the Clinton years, he had the benefit of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, and the other CEO/tech gurus helping push the stock market to record highs.

Good for Clinton, right place, right time, but when the bubble burst I didn't see him doing much to correct it. The end of the Clinton era had a mediocre economy, at best.

And now to the dismay of our Times writer Louis Uchitelle, The Bush Economy has survived a terrorist attack on our own soil, a war, 2 hurricanes, and a media intent to spin everything against Bush.

Here is the beginning of Louis Uchitelle's article...

The housing market is gradually fading as a prop for the economy, eroding a source of increased wealth that allowed consumers to borrow and spend avidly in recent years.

Meanwhile, the bond market, where short-term interest rates are now slightly above long-term rates in what is known as an inverted yield curve, suggests that the economy is headed for a sharp slowdown, perhaps even a recession. The stock market rally earlier this year has petered out.

So why do most forecasters predict that economic growth will remain relatively strong next year? Perhaps because they are counting on other sectors that have been relatively weak - particularly stepped-up business investment - to help sustain the robust expansion of the last 30 months.

"I think the surprise will be that housing prices and housing sales will decelerate, but the economy will do just fine," said Richard Berner, chief domestic economist for Morgan Stanley.

Mr. Berner is not alone in his optimism. Despite some worrisome indicators, only a handful of the 53 economists surveyed by Blue Chip Economic Indicators predict that the growth rate in 2006 will drop much below the 3.7 percent average so far this year.

If I employed this chucklehead, he'd be part of the very low unemployment number we currently enjoy.

As Louis points out so quickly in his article, the housing market is slowing, and will cease to prop up the market, and no longer allow consumers to spend, and the bond points to possibly recession!

Yikes! That sounds scary.

But to poor Louis' regret, only a handful (he won't even give the number!) of 53 economists surveyed, predict much of a drop in growth over this years average.

Sorry Louis and Julie, a job with The Times used to be a pretty good job, but now, not so much.

And you are two shining examples of why the world is turning to us bloggers for the truth, You Can No Longer Be Trusted!


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