Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What A Trip!

I had a great trip to see the Wicked Pixie, with only one exception, (I'll get to that later).

First off, the Southwest flight was awesome!  

I don't know if the fat-asses actually boycotted the airline, but I didn't see even one fatty on either flight, there or back.  

Seriously, Southwest should consider this as a new advertising campaign. 

I would totally fly Southwest again, just for that great amazing feature!

Another great part of the trip is that I didn't turn on the news even once over the last five days.

Yeah, I'm clueless about everything that has happened this week, but the world didn't fall apart.

All in all, this was an uneventful long weekend.  Lots of time spent with her family and friends, and more importantly, lots of time together.  Part of that time together was due to basically being snowed in for about 24 hours.  It's a good thing we found some 'things' to do.  For some reason the bedroom was the warmest room in the house, so we spent that time there.

The one exception I spoke of was this...

We stayed in a hotel one night, and had a small incident.

You see, yours truly was in the middle of receiving an outstanding blow job when we heard a knock at the door.  

At first we were just going to ignore it.  But then we heard the key card on the lock, the sound of the lock opening and the door knob turning.  I jumped up to say we were 'busy' and saw this hot little mexican maid standing there with a cookie in her hand.  

No, that's not innuendo, she was holding a plate with an actual chocolate chip cookie wrapped up on it.  

Seeing my hard rooster and a naked Pixie, she asked if we needed any 'help.'

Now I'm sorry, but I'm a guy, what do you think I'm going to do?

I looked at the Pixie and asked, "Do we?"

She got 'that' look, and asked if I thought she needed help, and wasn't she doing a good enough job...

My god, she was doing a great job, but I feared I would only know that from memory if I didn't think fast.

About this point our hot little maid was putting the cookie on the table and pulling her hair away from the zipper on the back of her uniform as she turned around to give me access to relieve her of said uniform.

Needless to say, I asked her to leave.

To clarify, I would have asked her to leave anyway!  But I'm a man, what man doesn't have this fantasy?  This was exactly like a script in a porn!  Come on, what do you expect!?

Thankfully, and to my surprise, my Pixie wasn't really upset.  At least not at the fact that I asked if a hot chick could join us, she was more upset that I would think she needed help.  

You see, she prides herself on her oral skills.  She even had a license plate frame that said, LET GO OF MY EARS, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.  Or something like that.  

After I explained that I'm likely ruined for all women after her blow job, (a fact that is true, BTW), she was fine, and we finished what we started.

Yes, a great week it was!


Blogger Peter Dengler said...

Wait a minute, did that really happen?


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