Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art Is Good For The Soul

The other day I was sipping Earl Grey from a hand-painted vintage teacup, and I was journaling - you know, just so I could get in touch with my fucking feelings - and this thought came to mind;

I friggin' love redheads.

I mean, I love all kinds of women, and I don't even like redheads more than I like, say, Chinese broads, but


I like how redheads have the skin that looks so dewy and pristine, like a glistening meadow in the morning. You half expect god damned Bambi to come over and lift his little faggy leg on a tree, don't ya'?

I love how redheads are kind of messed-up emotionally. Yeah, I mean, like, every fucking one of them is batshit crazy.


But, most of all, I like how redheads look in long black leather boots, and black rubber dresses, and stuff like that.

And, sometimes they have great asses, like the one in the photograph below.

Anyway, hope I didn't open up too much and embarrass myself. I can be pretty sensitive sometimes.

Who am I fuckin' kiddin'?

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Blogger midnight rider said...

Been hanging out at GoodShit again, haven't you? Thought I recognized that a--redhair--from somewhere.

I'm with you on the redhaeds, dude.

Check out a chick named Faye Valentine sometime.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Peter Dengler said...

As a redhead myself, I can testify to the fact that redheads are insane.

But, the female of the species are much, much worse than the males.


11:48 AM  

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