Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hot Ballet Teacher Has Sex With Student

sarah_pririe_hot_ballet_teacher3.jpgYeah, I know this is Pechar's thing but she seems pretty hot. And she's a ballet teacher. You do the math.

Do some hot women not understand that they can pretty much get laid any time they want? So, why risk the ire of parents and the law?

As for the 15 year old kid, as a parent I want to agree with the police and call him a victim. But the part of me that was once a 15 year old young man just wants to call him lucky.

Daily Mail

A ballet teacher allegedly abducted a male pupil and had sex with him during a three-month affair.

Sarah Pirie, 27, who has choreographed stage shows across Britain and has appeared in TV soaps Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road, is accused of taking the boy, aged 15, to hotels where she seduced him.

Yesterday Scots-born Pirie, formerly of St Annes, Lancashire, appeared before magistrates in Blackpool in relation to the claims.

Here are some more pics. Here are some more pics. Read More "Sat. Morning Hot Ballet Teacher Has Sex With Student Post and Pics"


Blogger midnight rider said...

He may be a victim to his parents and the cops but to his friends he's a hero.

You know they're all listening to his stories then going home and beating off afterwards.

Or circle jerking as he tells them about it. . .

10:24 PM  

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