Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tookie! Where Are You!!

With only about 5 weeks until you are put to death, can you answer a couple simple questions?

Here is my latest email to Stanley Tookie Williams...


I haven't received a response from my last email, I
was wondering, what is your thought on Arnold giving
you clemency?

Do you think that if you are granted clemency, you
might send the wrong idea?

What I'm saying is, will that mean, all the kids you
have turned away from gangs will be sent the wrong

The message I get is...

It seems to me that I can go out and murder people,
and inspire a large amount of my people to murder, and
as long as I write some books for kids about not
killing, I will get to live.

Is that the real message you are sending?

Are you saying, go ahead and do what you want, murder
whoever, and make amends later, and you won't have to
pay for your crimes?

Maybe I don't understand, please, explain it to me...

The Future Man
Since Tookie has not taken the time to answer me, I know, he is on death row and all, I thought I'd try again to contact the the worst mass murderer of all time before he is put to death on Dec. 13th.

Will he respond?

I doubt it, cowardly folks like him rarely do, and he may not have internet access on death row.

At least I hope he doesn't.

But he does have a web-site, and nobody from his site has responded.

And will they?


I doubt it.


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