Monday, January 02, 2006

From The Troops

As I said a few days days back, I am going to post or at least call attention to some Military Blogs.

The latest is Going Down Range.

His profile only identifies him as 'B' but he is in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

He is also a pretty smart and witty guy...

Hello I am back. I have been kind of busy, it happens in a war zone. One small and lame reason I have not posted for a while was I lost my personal USB memory stick. Usually I carry it all the time so when I have an idea to post I can open up a word document and start typing away or resize images. When I go out on a mission and that has been happening more lately, I usually clean out my pockets and take out personal items to leave back in my room. Also I get kind of anal retentive or OCD about packing ammo, GPS, map, spare power bars, knives and mission related items. So when I came back I could not find my memory stick; I ripped apart my section of the room. So guess what happened? I lost my memory stick and went ape shit for a few days.

Here is a more recent post I'll excerpt...

The Taliban and al Qaeda will never negotiate with the infidel Americans and their Afghan lackies. The Coalition, US and Afghan forces can not eliminate hatred, misogyny and pedophilia and those are some of the better qualities of the Taliban. The US is promoting education, democracy, economic growth and women’s rights. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they did the opposite. The US will have a presence in Afghanistan for many more years. Just ask the Germans, Italians, and Japanese how long America has bases on their soil. Ask any Afghan if they want the US to leave and the answer is no. We are seen as the fair dealers and the one nation who has backed up our words with deeds. The Russians and Taliban had their chance and blew it. Now it Americans and with the Coalition Nations who are hunting the Taliban down and helping the Afghans join the community of nations in the 21st century. The Taliban will be around but marginalized, consorting with criminals and those who want to warp time and go back 700 years.

That is exactly the stuff that we don't get to see here in the U.S.

It is far more common to hear about how we are ruining the lives of these once happy people.

Anyway, Thank You 'B' for putting it all out on the line, to allow this, and other countries to enjoy the Freedom that so many take for granted.


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