Friday, February 12, 2010

The Biggest Freudian Slip In The History Of Propaganda

I never was too clear what a Freudian slip was before. In fact, the very phrase has given me nightmares on occasion. For instance, that I was trying to seduce Sigmund Freud while he was dressed in a slip. I woke up vomiting.

A few times, I almost Freudian slipped my cock in a babes butt instead of the right hole. A few chicks liked that. You know the kind I mean.

Anyway, Yaacov Ben Moshe helps me get a little clearer on the meaning of the Freudian Slip here with this article:

Correct me if I am mistaken, it looks to me that Obama has just beheaded Lady Liberty in that picture. If so, this must be in the running for the title of "The Biggest Freudian Slip in the History of Propaganda".

Think about it! What exactly are they saying here? Do they agree with many of our own American conservatives that President Obama's agenda is a deadly threat (intentional or not) to Liberty? Are they suddenly concerned for the preservation of American ideals? What is the meaning of an obviously verdi-copper colored statue bleeding red blood?

No, they care nothing for and know less about Liberty. The rage and pain in the Islamist soul renders them inchoate. There is nothing deeper here than hatred pure, mockery vile and fury unbounded. Poor un-manned Obama with an odd sort of orgasmic look on his face holding the desecrated female symbol of Liberty (name me one brave, important and powerful female symbol in all of Islam!) expresses their impotence more perfectly than any essay or analysis ever could. They are powerless to express the overwhelming rage. Their inability to see the real cause of the rage turns their every attempt at expression turgid and recursive.

This is why they call it Revolution Day. They celebrate their revolution with shows of irrational cascades of bloody symbolism and threats of death.

We call The Fourth of July Independence Day because something was born that day.

So, now I get it. A Freudian Slip is when a person says one thing when they, ostensibly, meant something else entirely. By saying the wrong word, they reveal their true inner selves.

Damn, I hope I never do something like this.

I mean, I don't know why I'd really care. I got nothing to hide.

But getting back to the point, whatever it is, are the Iranians really revealing their inner nature here? Are they revealing their wish that Obama would behead the United States, and they believe, somewhere in the surreal cauldron that is their national soul, that he might intend to do so?

Stateside, all this looks like is a bunch of Muslims who are so blinded by hatred of America that they can't see that Obama is trying to unclench his fist.

Anyway, I'm gonna go clench my fist for a few minutes while I'm thinking about the lovely Aria Giovanni in a burqa.

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