Saturday, February 27, 2010

For Once, Female Sports Has Got My Respect

Olympic Shame? Hell No!

Does anyone else think this is not only fine, but f*cking cool?

Canada is OK.jpg

And she's kinda hot.

In fact, some would say, "She's smokin'."



Blogger The Fu2rman said...

I'm glad you posted this, I was going to put something up about this as well.

Yes, this was great!

I loved that the Canadian women drank beer and smoked cigars to celebrate. They seem to want true equality. Do you think they would stand for some pussified man? Hell no!

The only thing is, they are not equal, they are Canadian.

They had to really make sure their antlers were filed close the skull so they could get their helmets on.

Just for this week, I'm happy for the Canadians. Next week, they can eat a dick!

12:48 AM  
Blogger Peter Dengler said...

Yeah, I admit, I decided to leave the Canadian hate out of it for the moment.

Canadians are disgusting. But, as I said, the Canadians bitches antlers are good for one thing, blow-job-steering.

Anyway, if this one wants to eat a dick, she can eat mine. That's for sure. And then, she can hand me a beer and a cigar.

5:15 AM  

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