Friday, February 12, 2010

Women Should Be Obscene And Not Heard

I just got done with a business meeting in which I spent an entire hour listening to this chick go on and on about how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her,

but she's not sure, because she didn't actually see him doing it, she just saw the text messages from some other broad named Brandi thanking him for "shaking me down,"

does that really mean sex absolutely(?), she thinks it does, but she's not sure, she probably won't leave her boyfriend until she actually catches him in the act, and when she does, she's gonna cut his dick off,

oh yeah, and she doesn't think she gets paid enough, the glass ceiling and all, all the guys in the offices get the promotions, and it's not fair her boss is on her ass because she doesn't get her projects done quickly enough because she's always having to leave early,

she doesn't make enough money to pay for her childcare, and her cheapskate ex-husband is behind on the child-support ...

and the whole time, I'm just staring at her thinking, "What a waste of a pair of great tatas. I'm sure that if she'd just rub those against the glass ceiling she'd get that raise she's looking for."

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