Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Celebrity: Worth More Dead Than Alive

There's a simple rule in life by which you can test the relative worth of any thing.




Does it point to life, or does it point to death?
That which promotes life is worth putting one's time into.

That which promotes death is not worth the batter on you butt.

The cult of celebrity points to death.

The more vacuous the celebrity, the more the celebrity will be worth when they die.

If Michael Jackson was anything in life, he was a great dancer. He was not a great singer. He was not a great songwriter, and he was not a great lyricist. As a showman, he was cold. Rarely did he ever smile.

His life was sad, because the things that were important to him gave him no peace.

Every man must walk his own path, even men like Michael Jackson. We all must learn what is worthy to live for. It would seem that in the end, zonked out on Propafol, poor Michael Jackson found nothing worth even being awake for.

This is not so much a criticism as it is a lament. Believe me, I've had my hours of darkness. I know what it's like to crawl out of the darkness, believing I see two people ahead of me when there was only one. I know what it's like to wonder later if that second person could, perhaps, have been an angel come to save me.

But, in the long run, I had to make my own choice to survive ... as must we all.

Michael Jackson chose the way towards death, and his estate will be the better for it.

Where there once was bankruptcy and whoredom to the Islamic magistrates, there is now $200 million record deals, and proposed Cirque de Soleil shows to run in Vegas until the end of time.

The cult of Celebrity is a cheap imitation of the Sacrifice story. Society chooses a god, enables him to kill himself in a glamorous way (while society throws stones at him), and then society resurrects him, vaunts him into the heights, and worships him in glossy magazines, all the while telling themselves they are sad that he had to go so tragically.

Ultimately, the cult of celebrity is for people who are afraid to confront their own lives and live them head on. The obsession with celebrity is a sign of profound and pathetic weakness.

Choose Life.

Choose your own life.

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