Monday, February 15, 2010

Report: Israeli Politician Tzipi Livni Willing to Travel to UK and be Arrested on "War Crimes" Charges to Highlight Absurdity of British Laws...

Good on her. I hope to God she does it. This European incitement against the Jewish state has got to end.

Here's a story about the original arrest warrant, against Livni, issued by a British Court.

From Weasel Zippers:

(Jpost)- UK paper: Livni reportedly willing to get cuffed so that Brits change war crimes law.

The amending of current British law in order to ensure Israeli officials visiting the UK are not be arrested on charges of war crimes may be in jeopardy, The Times reported on Monday.

The proposed change is apparently in danger due to a “cabinet split” regarding its timing.

Also, according to the report, Kadima head and opposition leader Tzipi Livni has suggested a willingness to “take the bullet” and face arrest in the UK on a future trip in order to force the British government into action. She was quoted as saying, “Britain has obligated itself to me personally that this subject will be taken care of.”

An arrest warrant was issued for Livni in December, 2009, for her involvement in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

When we allow groups of people to propagate hysterical claims against another group of people, we are setting ourselves up for a violent outcome.

I've talked to Christians, for instance, who insist that Abortion is the absolute equivalent of murder. I think Abortion is wrong. I think it is the taking of a human life. But, I think it is hysteria to call it murder.

Test it with reason. If your daughter were to have an abortion, should she go to prison for murder?

If a doctor performs one-thousand abortions a year, then is it not incumbent upon you to kill him in the name of justice if your government won't take care of the problem?

If you would not imprison your own daughter for the "crime" of having an abortion, and if you would not man-up and kill every abortion Dr. you can, then you do not have the courage of you convictions.

"What?" you say. "But, I wouldn't kill the abortion Dr. because it would be murder."

Bullshit. Would it have been murder to kill Hitler? Would it have been murder to kill Charles Manson?

You simply do not believe abortion is the absolute equivalent of murder. You like to talk a big game because it makes you feel morally superior, but in the end, you don't believe what you say.

Similary, Tzipi Livni is challenging the Brits here. In the UK, and other European countries, it is common to make the claim that Israel is an apartheid state. It is common to make the claim that Israel is committing war crimes, and even outright genocide against the Palestinians.

That is all complete bunk. The only people who could ever make such claims are people who are either outright anti-Semitic, or people who have never had to take responsibility for their own protection.

European nations rely on the United States to protect them against worldwide threats. Even Britain who does contribute mightily to our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, is not truly capable of handling itself militarily on the world stage. Britain maintains an army of merely 100,000 soldiers, and does not possess the advanced technology of the United States, nor does it have anywhere near the maritime prowess it used to have.

America keeps the sea lanes open, so that free trade can continue to flow. America has the satellites and drones in the skies that allow for the kind of immaculate warfare we are able to accomplish in the Middle East.

If it were all up to Britain, the result would be far more dead civilians, because Britain does not have the technology for the highly targeted warfare that we are able to effect.

It is said, those can't can't do, teach. And Britain, like any people who do not, ultimately, have to take responsibility for themselves, sets about to theorizing. And, one of their theories is that Israel ought to be able to live in peace with the Palestinians whose main goal it is to destroy the Jewish state.

The two main political parties in the Palestinian territories, Hamas and the PLO, both have charters which call for the destruction of Israel. Both political parties have "military wings" which kill Jews by lobbing rockets and mortars into Israel, and through suicide bombings.

Palestinian state-sponsored TV programming regularly calls for genocide against the Jews.

And yet, many Europeans would pretend it is the Israelis who are committing war crimes.

So hats off to Tzipi Livni. She's calling them on their shit. Let's see if they actually have the courage of their convictions.

I seriously doubt it.

And, after all that, I seriously think we need a hot chick. Here's a babe who serves in the Israeli Defense Force.

She can commit a war crime against me any time.

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