Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where are the Cowboys When You Need Them? Canada's "Indigenous Peoples" and the Winter Olympics

From Stogie:

I had to laugh at Donald Douglas's post today about the "Most Politically Correct Olympics Evah!!" He and his wife were surprised to see the opening ceremonies feature every "indigenous peoples" tribe that ever ate whale blubber or dined on clamshells in the Great White North. My wife and I had the same reaction. Various bands of Indians in feathers and furs, beads and bangles danced and pranced around three great blue totems, while an announcer described their tribe and culture. So now the Olympics are posing as Anthropology 1A? Who CARES?

Of course, I don't begrudge anyone their ethnicity, culture and ancestors. However, I couldn't help but note how liberal/left/PC Canada makes a big deal out of ethnicity, but only if the peoples thereof are nonwhite or are "indigenous" people. The left has long worshiped the "Noble Savage," the primitive peoples who are somehow wiser than us though less developed, who are more spiritual, more in tune with nature, and closer to the earth. Even the wondrous blue beings of Avatar could not compete with folks like these.

However, indigenous peoples are more than the high priests of nature and Gaia; they are also sacred victims, whose peace, serenity and paradisaical existence was disrupted, marred and ruined by the coming of the white man, the evil white man, the racist, corrupt, imperialistic white man. The cigar smoking, Stetson-wearing, whiskey drinking, loudly burping white man....well, you get the idea.

Whoever this white man is, he should be found and arrested.

Being a rather cynical, non-reverent persecutor of Gaia, I was unimpressed by the dancing Eskimos and Indians. I turned to my wife and asked the critical question on everyone's mind: Where are the Cowboys when you need them?

Note to Canada: That was BOOORING.

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