Saturday, February 27, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As Male Sexual Addiction

What? Are you kidding me?

I hear Tiger apologized the other day, and spoke of his love of hot babes, and threesomes, as if it were a "disease."

Listen, you can get a disease from sex, but a dude wanting to bone as many babes as he can, THAT is NOT A DISEASE.

It is normal, healthy manliness.

Men are born to fuck as man pussies in heat as possible, so that the most babies can be born as is possible in the shortest amount of time.

God implanted us with a powerful urge to fuck, and to fuck as much as possible, and with as much variety in poontang as possible.

That is the long and the short of it, no pun intended.

All this being said, God help me, I've been married 21 years to the same woman, and I've been fucking the same woman for 21 years, and I have not had any strange in all that time, and I do not intend to do so in the future.

That is MY morality, and I got that from MY relationship with God.

But, it is NOT the morality of nature. It is not the morality inborn in us.

"What?" you say. "You just said God gave us these powerful urges, and then you turn around and say God told us to stick with one woman???"

God created us to be higher than the animals, but the truth is, we are animals crawling out of the primordial ooze, and reaching for the heavens.

It is up to each of you which direction you want to go. Do you want to spend the rest of your life gooing around in the ooze, or do you want to reach as high as you can, learn as much as you can, and love as much as you can.

I have found there is no greater gift, and no great learning to be had, than to share one's life with one woman, with whom one has created a family.

The challenge and the glory of loving one another, learning from one another, and growing with one another through the years is the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

It's more beautiful than the most beautiful sunset viewed from the highest peak in the world.

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