Monday, February 27, 2006

Sorry For My Absense

The Fu2rman would like to apologize for the almost week long absense in posting.

I had a really tough work week, as a manager of mine was on vacation, so myself and one other manager had to cover the restaurant for the last week.

It was, however, interupted by a nice surprise from my girl. She made plans for us on the one shift that I had a night, and the next morning off.

She booked us into a local hotel, where we had room service and pretty much just spent the evening and morning together.

I guess the Tiffany's V-Day gift was a hit.

It was not exactly 'Steak and Fellatio Day', but that was my fault, I could have had steak, but I had the Swordfish instead.

The best and worst part was that when we checked in, I didn't have my laptop.

So I had to buy the crappy internet TV thing they had. I was only able to check emails, because they didn't have a mouse, and it was super slow, not a good system.

But that was a blessing, as I just answered a few emails, and got to spend a whole lot of needed quality time with whom I think should be the Fu2r Mrs. Fu2rman.

Anyway, my manager is back, so work is under control, and the maybe Mrs. Fu2rman is happy, so all is right in my world.

So let's get back on track...

So What Is The Big Deal?

In my absense, I have been chomping at the bit to discuss the Port issue.

I wanted to do this post on Friday night, but, other things took presidence, what can I say?

Anyway, the thing that I find so amazing is that politicians will eat their own any chance they get.

Republicans are coming out against Bush, and of course Democrats will fault him for scratching his head.

If we look at the big picture here, what message would we send the world if we block the UAE from taking over operations from P&O?

Wouldn't you call that a racist reaction?

All of the sudden the Dems are worried about national security?

They faulted Bush on his wire taps.

They say that Iraq was not a threat.

And now they say that we should not let our ports be run by Arabs?

Which is it?

The Dems jump on anything that will hurt Bush, which is kind of funny, you'd think they are trying to run against him in the next election.

Should we let them know, he is not running in the next election?

No, I don't think so, let them expose themselves as the fools they are.

Now let me get back on point.

What message do we send to the world by shutting out the UAE and Dubia Ports?

First, Los Angeles ports are run by China.

Is that OK?

That should also cause us concern, but that is overlooked?

I would hate to see the US discriminate.

So, like everyone wants, we error on the side of caution?

If we stop the UAE from taking over the opperations of selected ports, we must also take away the ports from all foreign interests.

If we want all of our ports under US control, let's put together a plan that US companies must manage the operation of all ports.

That would mean taking management of all ports away from foreign companies.

We could say that in the next 2-5 years, all ports would be operated by US companies.

I would be fine with that, although, that would mean big Government Investments to encourage US companies to buy out those contracts.

If that is what we want, then fine, let's do it.

But that would mean a tax burden for all of us. Again, I'm fine with that.

But let's be clear on what we are doing.

First of all, Port Security is still, and always has been a function of the United States Government.

We can't just tell the UAE that they can't do business in the US.

That would go against capitalism, which the US was built on.

So either, we let the UAE in, or we send everyone else packing as well.

How would it look to the Middle East if we ban them from doing a legitimate business in our country, when we allow everyone else in?

Not good, of course, and it would give them so much more ammunition in their 'US is Satan'

Truly, I fault the Bush Administration in this.

How did they not see the fallout from this?

Well I guess it should be expected, they delayed talking about Cheney shooting a guy, and the Harriet Miers thing was a mess, Bush's statement that Brown was doing a 'hell of a job', during Katrina, and they could have handled the PR over the Iraq War better.

So whoever is in charge of gauging public opinion for the Bush Administration, should be fired.

They are not doing their job.

Bush is mostly doing the right things, but his PR sucks.

Maybe he should call the Fu2rman.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well, things certainly have changed since this post first came out in early December of 2005.

We were all innocent Cartoon Virgins back then! But just like Madonna, there is no going back now!! ;)

Can you believe this has only been going on for 3 months? :)


1. Why exactly 72 virgins (or whatever the number is) ? Why not 71 or 73?
2. Does eternal bliss = (1) virgin every hour x (3) days straight! Its the only "72" calculation I could come up with.
3. Or maybe the cosine of pie = 72???
4. Once all 72 are eventually non-virgins, are they still “available” for any future fun? Or by definition, does that mean ... :(
5. So if you are shit outta luck after 72, is the potential suicide bomber aware of this small but very important fact? I don't know about you but this would definitely affect my decision making process. I'm usually pro-choice but this would surely make me pro-life…Mine!!
6. Does one need to get married to these virgins before one can actually have sex with them? If not, would that be a sin?
7. Can one actually commit a sin in heaven? Especially if this was all set up by, you know, the big man.
8. And if it is a sin, do you then lose all your "privileges" and are you now headed "elsewhere"?
9. What an ironic and unexpected turn of events that would be, huh?! I just hope these people have really thought through all the possibilities before the "big bang".
10. And finally, and this really is the big one for me, what if, (drum roll please) ......SEX DOES NOT the after life?

Suicide Bomber Recruiter to Suicide Bomber after the fact - "Well, ummm, gee....Sorry 'bout that. I guess it was just a small misunderstanding. Forgive me please????"