Friday, September 30, 2005

Even Hillary Thought It Was A Bad Idea

This is from Little Green Footballs.

NYT Mourns for IFC click to check it out.

The best is all the fantastic comments.

I'm tired of apologizing for our country being attacked.

Or maybe...they're right, we are the most powerful country on earth, we should turn our backs on genocide, and totally turn our backs on a woman's right to be an equal part of her society...See, even as sarcasm, it sounds ridiculous...

If the New York Times doesn't figure it out, they should become obsolete.

CUANAS had something to say too, you should read.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

DeLay, WTF Happened Here?

I am going to put this link to the indictment.

That is the first part.

Now, I don't know campaign finance law, but I know enough about the laws of this country to say,
let's let DeLay be innocent until proven guilty.
Also, it is my understanding that he had lawyers and accountants dealing with these issues.

However, if he knowingly cheated,
nail him.

What I do know is that I don't trust any of our leaders at the moment.

GW Bush is spending like a drunken rock-star, one of
many reasons I didn't vote for John Kerry.

22 Democrats voted against a very qualified,
now Chief-Justice, with an impeccable record.

Here is the list...

Evan Bayh of Indiana
Joseph Biden of Delaware

Barbara Boxer of California

Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York

Jon Corzine of New Jersey

Mark Dayton of Minnesota

Dick Durbin of Illinois

Dianne Feinstein of California

Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts

John Kerry of Massachusetts

Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey

Barbara Mikulski of Maryland

Barack Obama of Illinois

Harry Reid of Nevada

Charles Schumer of New York

Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

Jack Reed of Rhode Island

Tom Harkin of Iowa

Daniel Inouye of Hawaii

Paul Sarbanes of Maryland

Maria Cantwell of Washington

Daniel Akaka of Hawaii

Kerry, Clinton, Kennedy, Biden, and both California Senators, Boxer and Feinstein.
I will once again vote against those two California senators.

Who can we trust anymore to represent us?

Immigration is a concern to me, but it seems the Republicans,
of all people refuse to address it.

Something has got to give, and soon.

The Republicans are too worried about being
nice, and popular, and the Democrats are too worried about their shrinking influence.

Do we need a third party?


Or, maybe we need a King...

Hey, I'm The King, let me fix up this mess!

Elect the Fu2rman, 2008!

Can I still be The King if I'm elected President?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This Is Funny

And not funny haha, but funny wierd.

Click here to see The Astute Blogger's take on Katrina and Rita, GW Bush and Karl Rove, and the insane Left.

Let me ask some questions...

The worst Hurricane in history was in 1935, (category 5, hit the Florida Keys), did the media of the time, or the insane people blame Franklin D. Roosevelt?


If GW Bush and his supposed anti-environment policy has caused global warming, and/or actually caused the hurricanes
, why is it that the worst hurricane ever, happened 70 years ago?

Shouldn't we be getting hit with category 10's by now?

I'm just asking.

Don't Stop To Smell The Roses

I don't ever take time to stop and smell the roses.

I don't have to.

This is part of my drive home every day.

I just want to remind you to appreciate the beauty that you see every day.

These are Jacaranda Trees, they are just starting to bloom.

I will put up another post once they do, it is amazing, the street will no longer be green, it will be Purple.

Purple, the color of Kings, no wonder I love living here!

Sports Reveal So Much

On occasion I feel the need to encourage you to read up on sports.

Not for the fact that you care about sports, but this is a story that is relevant only because a sports celebrity is involved. And by celebrity, I'm talking Derek Jeter, a player I respect as much as any other player in all of baseball.

Read my post on The Fu2rman on Sports.

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Very Recycled Post

This is an outstanding post I found at CUANAS, that he found at Fjordman, that he found at Munkhammer....

It keeps getting reposted, and for very good reason, it sounds a little Ayn Rand, I was surprised Atlas Shrugs didn't have it on her blog.

The Evil Socialism. Some admit that socialism is wrong and that it produces a destructive society, yet claim that is has good intentions and beautiful values. They say that socialists at least want to fight poverty and want better opportunities for the worst off. I would say that is at best misleading but mostly all wrong.

Socialism is not mainly about helping the poor and disabled or create progress. It is first and foremost about fighting wealth and in partucular stopping individuals from being successful. They hate when one person stands out, when one is more skilled, when one is rewarded for talent. And it is mainly for that hate that they fight for equality; not to give the poor a chance but to oppress genius and success.

Nobody should think she or he is better than anyone else is the motto. And if someone proves to be, that has to be neglected or fought. That is why they want the high taxes and massive regulation. That is why they preach equality and social values - to fight the remarkable and successful. If social matters and equality are the most important things, then surely great achievements are no good.

Since ideas, thinking and success are great human features, socialism is an ideology based on anti-humanity. That explains why it creates destructive societies. And that is. in turn, why it is not at all based on good values but evil ones.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

God Bless America

Patriotism is a dangerous thing.

To declare love for one’s country creates a certain sort of vulnerability, a branding, if you will. Every other country in the world assumes that Americans are a prideful people. Each time I go to Europe, I am more and more attuned to the way that Europeans refer to us—it’s always, “You Americans…” as if we are a single unit and not millions of independently thinking people. This generality is usually followed by some scornful remark about our pride and stupidity. The fallacy of this label is that most Americans don’t give a shit about their country. They just like their material things.

Foreigners know Americans to be three things: rich, loud, and pushy. While most people living in the US would refute this character affront—and loudly, at that—when compared to the rest of the world, the labels are true. Everyone knows where America is on the map because we are noisy, large, and powerful. While our government may be pushy and brash, most citizens are too concerned with their own fixations to care much one way or another.

If Americans truly love their country, then they should closely examine its past and present activities. There are many history books that will never be found in a classroom because they tell the full truth about past events and America’s world involvement. The majority of our citizens don’t know the contents of the Bill of Rights, but they are perfectly willing to display “Kill Osama” stickers of the back of their trucks.

My point is that
most Americans go along with whatever information the TV feeds to them—hate this person, buy this brand, fight this war, love this leader. I believe that love and patriotism, which are closely entwined, have to do as much with understanding as with loyalty. Americans appear fiercely devoted to a government that they know very little about. How many foreign assassinations have we planned? How many wars have we initiated, and how many innocents have died at our hands?

If we are willing to love our country, then we must take partial responsibility for its actions.

welcome to the online

Thanks for the welcome, Fu2rman.

Since I'm a little new to online semantics, forgive me if I ramble.

I look forward to exploring the wonderful world of human (in)sanity and social chaos.

I'll have to think of something clever to post. Until next time, soon...

miss eyre.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm Back!!!

One reason I left this site was that a person very close to me informed me that I was too angry and didn't really connect with my audience.

I said, how dare you!

But after reading my posts from over 6 months ago, I have to agree.

I was bitter, and pissed off, and that is not a good place to be.

I can admit when I'm off track...

Now I'm back online.

And I may have a new partner, and if she's anything like I think she'll be, she'll add some kind of sanity to this little bit of chaos, I call home.

Welcome my friend...