Monday, October 31, 2005

See What I Mean?

This helps make my point about the World view of the seriousness of Iran, or actaully the fact that nobody in the world is taking it seriously.

This is from The Anchoress via CUANAS.

Slumming With Prince Charles

The Anchoress sums it up just right:

So now, the Prince of Wales, who has done utterly nothing with his life while waiting for his genetically-predisposed to longevity mother to kick the bucket, is going to come to America to lecture The American President on being more tolerant to Islam.

It is understood that Prince Charles did not - and does not - believe that the actions of 19 hijackers should tarnish the reputation of hundreds of millions of law-abiding Muslims around the world.…He spoke warmly of the West’s debt to the culture of Islam and distanced moderate Muslims from misguided militants. “Extremism is no more the monopoly of Islam than it is the monopoly of other religions, including Christianity,” he said.

As I said, the do-nothing prince is going to lecture the American President who has done more to liberate Muslim peoples who were living under suppressive regimes, and who has done more to rescue Muslim peoples whose lives are torn by tsunami and earthquake, on how he should be “nicer” to the Muslims.

The prince of course has done great things for Muslims, too. He’s had dinner with them. He’s tried to “understaaaaand” them. He’s shaken their hands without wearing gloves.

The Anchoress has some great questions for Charles:

Hey, Charlie, have you read about the Islamist who have surface to air missiles and more into France?

I wonder if he’d like to be in New Delhi right now, telling the families of the dead and the blown-apart how “a few mischievous scamps with explosives on a bus” should not be taken too seriously. I wonder if he would have supper with a few Israeli’s who have lost their children on bombed-out buses, and try to “understaaaand” them, when they shiver at this sort of rhetoric which goes uncondemned by most of the world.

Being as how the man has never had to take a subway in his life, I guess the bombings in the London tubes didn’t quite register on his chukka-damaged brain, either. I wonder if he realizes that those bombings, and the ones in Indonesia, and in Bali, and in Turkey, and all the rest, were not being carried out by “other religions, even Christians”…

I wonder if he has any problem at all with Christian Girls being Beheaded in Indonesia. Carried out by…Methodists? Hmmm? Church of England? Hmmm? Jews????

And what about art, O cultured prince - the censoring of art, that’s quite all-right, as long as it’s not some Christian objecting to a crucifix beign submerged in urine?

The Anchoress is great, go read the rest.

And this from Dry Bones sums it up.

Thank God Tony Blair runs things, and King Chuck will have nothing to do but look like the cartoon of a king he would be.

, I am The King, I don't know who he thinks he is!

This Is Huge

I first learned of this story on Friday, and as more details come out, this is way bigger than I thought it was.

I found this on CUANAS.

The Iranian government produced sophisticated visual props for this important speech, designed to send a message to the USA and the English speaking world. Those who produced this graphic were sophisticated enough to know that it would provide a great photo op.What is the message they are trying to send?

Yes, that is the USA already at the bottom of the hourglass. But notice that the USA is already broken in the bottom of the hourglass prior to the fall of Israel.

For some reason the world media has largely ignored his statements against the USA. In his speech he said:

We are in the process of an historical war between the World of Arrogance [i.e. the West] and t
he Islamic world, and this war has been going on for hundreds of years. ...The issue of this [World without Zionism] conference is very valuable. In this very grave war, many people are trying to scatter grains of desperation and hopelessness regarding the struggle between the Islamic world and the front of the infidels ...

Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism? But you had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved...So how would the Iranian regime achieve this?You only need to listen to Ahmadinejad's chief strategic guru Hassan Abbassi, for the answer. Abbassi is the architect of the so-called "war preparation plan" currently under way in Iran. This is the same Hassan Abbassi who said:

We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization... we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front by means of our suicide operations or by means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.Abbasi believes that when President Bush says that no option is off the table he is only playing chicken. According to respected Iranian analyst, Amir Taheri, Abbassi has said:

The Americans are not ready to send a million men (to defeat the Islamic Republic)," Abbasi said. "Even economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic will fail thanks to opposition from the Western public opinion and the refusal of most countries to implement (them). ...But it is not only the US that Abbasi wants to take on and humiliate. He has described Britain as "the mother of all evils". In his lecture he claimed that the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and the Gulf states were all "children of the same mother: the British Empire." As for France and Germany, they are "countries in terminal decline", according to Abbasi."

Once we have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover," he told his audience.So it appears that in the short term, the regime is hoping to start a limited war with the USA that it believes it can survive, since they don't believe that the West has the will nor the means to occupy Iran at this time. This will buy them time for their longer term strategic plans for the world. Why is no taking these threats seriously?

Indeed, why is the world, especially the US, not taking these threats seriously?

Atlas Shrugs has an idea.

The Dhimmicraps have been wildly successful at distracting the American people with utter nonsense (even the Libby indictment over a crime that was never committed is something of a joke - consider the historical of impact.
I mean really..........there was no crime. The objective oof the investigation "the outing of a spy" never happened> Never happened. So what did it come down to.

who told who first uh................he told him last uh..............

"who's on first
what's on second
I dont know's on third"

c'mon .....................

The entire Western World has been sent a message, a message we are expected to ignore.

The Americans are not ready to send a million men (to defeat the Islamic Republic)," Abbasi said. "Even economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic will fail thanks to opposition from the Western public opinion and the refusal of most countries to implement (them)

He has described Britain as "the mother of all evils". In his lecture he claimed that the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and the Gulf states were all "children of the same mother: the British Empire." As for France and Germany, they are "countries in terminal decline", according to Abbasi."

Once we have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover," he told his audience.So it appears that in the short term, the regime is hoping to start a limited war with the USA that it believes it can survive, since they don't believe that the West has the will nor the means to occupy Iran at this time. This will buy them time for their longer term strategic plans for the world.

We should all be afraid, very afraid, not just because they said this, but because it makes too much sense.

If we try to fight a nice PC war with Iran, they will survive, and if we can't garner the support of the rest of the world, and we can't defeat this hatred virtually alone, the rest will run for cover.

He's right.

He's also right that France and Germany are countries in 'terminal decline.' As it is today, we can't count on them.

I've always felt that Iran would be an eventual concern, well no more.

This has to be addressed, immediately.

Every American should know about this, in all it's ugly details, it's time to face this war (and it is war), head on.

I hope we don't have to wait to be attacked again before we wake up.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Still No Response

Stanley Tookie Williams has still not responded to my post.

And so far my email has not made it on his website.

I guess he only post the emails that are from people on his side.

Oh well, I still wait for something, anything from him.

He only has until Dec. 13th, or he'll be executed.

He better hurry.

This Is Too Good Not To Post

I first read this on CUANAS, then on Malkin.

Apparently, The New York Times printed part of a letter from a soldier that gave his life in Iraq.

The NYTimes printed this...

''I kind of predicted this,'' Corporal Starr wrote of his own death. ''A third time just seemed like I'm pushing my chances.''

But the letter in it's entirety read like this...

"Obviously if you are reading this then I have died in Iraq. I kind of predicted this, that is why I'm writing this in November. A third time just seemed like I'm pushing my chances. I don't regret going, everybody dies but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so that they can live the way we live. Not have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. To do what they want with their lives. To me that is why I died. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark."

That is inspiring, and the NYTs is distorting it.

How unfortunate is that?

It is absolutely sad.

Friday, October 28, 2005

This Is The Face Of Evil

Get to know this face, it is the face of evil.

TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, cheered by thousands of supporters, signaled on Friday he stood by his call for Israel to be wiped off the map, while Iran's foreign ministry sought to defuse a diplomatic storm.

Israel said it would request an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council over the comments, which have drawn the condemnation of the West and Tehran's ally Russia.

Iranians chanting "death to Israel" and "death to America," converged from nine points in the Iranian capital for a rally attended by most of Iran's top officials. Some protesters set fire to or trampled on Israeli and U.S. flags.

Ahmadinejad took a short walk in the crowd, rallying in support of his comments that the Islamic world could not tolerate the Jewish state in its heartland. He said Western criticism carried no weight.

"My words are the Iranian nation's words," he told the official IRNA news agency, when asked if he had a message for the world.

"Westerners are free to comment, but their reactions are invalid."

Some have said that this is more significant than the oil for food scandal.

I still think the oil for food scandal shows the weakness of the UN, and the urgent need to reform the UN so they actually have the power to deal with issues like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hateful, murderous and utterly dispicable comments and intentions.

The US didn't have UN support in Iraq because of a weak and corupt UN, what do you think is going to happen now?

The US plays the good guy, again, and helps Isreal fight a war against Iran.

How's that going to look? How will the US media and people feel about this?

I really hope the UN steps up and does everything possible to stop the hatred coming from Iran, but my hopes are not high.

I know it is going to come down to the US taking the lead on this matter just like in Iraq.

I Can't Believe I Have To Do This

OK, I'm going to comment on the Libby issue.

We all need some perspective.

First of all the big prize for the Left would have been a Karl Rove indictment for outing CIA operative Valerie Plame.

That didn't happen.

Early reports were saying that Libby got Martha'd.

As in
Martha Stewart.

That's funny, basically saying,
we can't prove the case we set out to prove, but we can get you on leading us in the wrong direction in the pursuit of the investigation of the real charge we were trying to prove.

Confused? So was Martha.

I just want to note a few things about this whole situation.

Have you noticed the that nobody from the Right is bashing Patrick Fitzgerald?

They're not, because he is competent, inteligent, and capable.

If Libby screwed up,
he should be prosecuted, and Fitzpatrick is the guy to do it.
Do you remember how the Clinton indictment went?

The left went insane about calling Kenneth Starr
sex-infatuated, and politically motivated, anything they could to discredit him.

Try this test.

Go talk to a few people that may not follow the news very closely.

Ask them if they know the name Kenneth Starr.

Then ask them if they know the name Patrick Fitzgerald.

People will undoubtably know the name Kenneth Starr before Patrick Fitzgerald.

The Right,
including the Right Media, is allowing Fitzgerald to do his job.

The Left and the media, pulled out all the stops
to attack Starr.

Here's my test.

Do you remember
Sandy Berger?

If you do, give yourself an

if not...

Former President Clinton's national security adviser is under criminal investigation for taking highly classified terrorism documents that should have been turned over to the independent commission probing the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks...

...Berger and his lawyer said Monday night he knowingly removed the handwritten notes by placing them in his jacket, pants and socks, and also inadvertently took copies of actual classified documents in a leather portfolio.

Hmm..., stealing sensitive documents to protect his own ass after 9/11, oh, and BTW, Clinton too.

How much news coverage did that get?

Obviously not enough,
because I know not many of you remember Berger.

The charges againt Libby are serious, and he did the right thing and resigned.

Clinton did not do the right thing.

Clinton and the left keep saying that he was found innocent of the charges of perjury and obstruction...

....but he was disbarred in Arkansas, which automatically suspended him from the Supreme Court Bar, which he resigned altogether to avoid the reinstatement process, and had to pay a fine of $90,000.00.

That sounds like a man that cut a deal, not a man that was innocent.

What Is Going On Here!!!???

I find this fascinating!

What is the most important news story today?

Libby resigns after being indicted for lying?


Was it that after investigating the CIA leak, for two years
, the only indictment they could come up with was Scooter Libby, and not for leaking info, only for lying during the investigation?


Oil-for-food report shows large-scale corruption?

How about that one?


This is insanity!

Part of the media's disporportionate coverage of Libby's indictment, is that they want to show that we went into the war for the wrong reason. I don't quite know how they've managed to work around to that, but whatever.

This is what John Kerry's campaign hinged on, we should be consulting the UN, and getting countries like France and Russia on our side.

Hey! Here's a thought, The UN, France, Russia and many others (including U.S. companies) didn't want us to go to war with Iraq, because it would screw up their deals with Saddam Hussein!

This is the biggest, most important news of today!

New York: In a scathing final report documenting massive corruption in the UN oil-forfood programme, investigators accused more than 2,200 companies and prominent politicians of colluding with Saddam Hussein’s regime to swindle the humanitarian operation of $US1.8 billion ($NZ2.57 billion).

The 623-page document exposed the global scope of a scam that allegedly involved such name-brand companies as Daimler-Chrysler and Siemens AG, as well as a former French UN ambassador, a firebrand British politician and the president of Italy’s Lombardi region.

It meticulously detailed how the $US64 billion programme became a cash cow for Saddam and more than half the companies participating in oil-for-food at the expense of Iraqis suffering under UN sanctions. It blamed shoddy UN management and the world’s most powerful nations for allowing the corruption to go on for years.

What I do want to emphasise is that the corruption of the programme by Saddam . . . could not have been nearly so pervasive had there been more disciplined management by the UN and its agencies, said Paul Volcker, a former US Federal Reserve chairman who led the investigation.

Mr Volcker and many nations said the report underscored the urgent need to reform the United Nations. Earlier reports in his investigation have already led to criminal inquiries and indictments in the United States, France and Switzerland, and Mr Volcker said his team would co-operate with legal and judicial authorities following up on the report.

The investigators found that companies and individuals from 66 countries paid illegal kickbacks using a variety of methods, and those paying illegal oil surcharges came from, or were registered in 40 countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Belarus, Syria and Canada.

Most of the contracts went to Russian and French companies and individuals, who were rewarded for their governments’ outspoken opposition to the sanctions.

Anyone involved should be held to serious charges. They are responsible for helping Saddam Hussein skim $1.8 billion, yes BILLION, from the Iraqi people.

No WMD's?

Fine, we did it to liberate the Iraqi people from Hussein, oh yeah, and the rest of the world.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Even though I think this is mainly for public
consumption, the screws
are definitely tightening
on the dictators in the Middle East.

Just getting this much
could be one more positive
step forward in a long process whereby there may
be no
turning back.

As much as I am not a fan of GWB (or Kerry
for that
matter) and I flip flopped every other
day pre-Iraq invasion (are we taking our eye
off the ball), George W. had the balls and/or
naivete to continue the process
with Iraq.

If the seeds of democracy are successful in
the Middle East
(I feel this can really only be
accurately assessed 10-20 years from now),

GW deserves his fair share of the credit.

High Risk = High Reward (or Major Disaster)

All the more reason Iraq MUST be a success.

It's way past time to give Rumsfeld the

This Is Interesting....

From Michelle Malkin


Check out the photo of Condoleezza Rice that was published by USA Today last week:

Beelzebub Condi

Notice anything peculiar about her eyes?

No, Condi isn't possessed; the photo was manipulated.

This news comes courtesy of From The Pen, which found a pre-doctored version of the Associated Press photo on Yahoo! España:

Beautiful Condi

Ask USA Today's Graphics and Photos Managing Editor, Richard Curtis (, what the ^$%#@+! is going on.



Katherine Harris vs. the Photo Doctors
Time's photo distortions

TrackBack <3>

What is up with the MSM? Do they still believe they can get away with this kind of junk?

I for one intend to pass along every story of this nature to expose them.

In the meantime...

Condi in '08!!!

Just Some Ramblings

First I want to welcome The Bad Ass Infidel, great first post.

I especially love your solution to shut the KKK the hell up about gay marriage.

I can see it now, "What!? yer marryin' one a' them gays?"

At least it's not your son Mr. Grand Wizard!

Also just wanted to update that there has been no response yet from Stanley Tookie Williams regarding my email, or post. It's only been a day, but we'll see.

I guess that was it, I just wanted to welcome The Bad Ass Infidel, and update you on Tookie's lack of response, I will continue to do so until he or his people
respond. Of course he has people, you know he didn't build that website himself.

That's all for now...

2000th Soldier Dies Today

This is from AP, via Michelle Malkin.

Shortly before U.S. military deaths in Iraq reached 2,000 on Tuesday, the chief spokesman for the American-led multinational force called on reporters covering the conflict not to look at the event as a milestone.

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Steve Boylan, director of the force's combined press center, described the number as an "artificial mark on the wall."

"I ask that when you report on the events, take a moment to think about the effects on the families and those serving in Iraq," Boylan said in an e-mail. "The 2,000 service members killed in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a milestone. It is an artificial mark on the wall set by individuals or groups with specific agendas and ulterior motives."

The U.S. military death toll reached 2,000 with the death of an Army sergeant who was wounded by a roadside bomb north of Baghdad and died in Texas last weekend. A Pentagon announcement Tuesday said Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr., 34, of Killeen, Texas, died in San Antonio, Texas. The death raised the Associated Press tally of military fatalities in the Iraq war to 2,000.

Alexander was wounded Oct. 17 in Samarra, a town 60 miles north of the Iraqi capital. He was assigned to the 1st Batallion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Benning, Ga.

"The 2,000th Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine that is killed in action is just as important as the first that died and will be just as important as the last to die in this war against terrorism and to ensure freedom for a people who have not known freedom in over two generations," Boylan wrote.

He complained that the true milestones of the war were "rarely covered or discussed," and said they included the troops who had volunteered to serve, the families of those that have been deployed for a year or more, and the Iraqis who have sought at great risk to restore normalcy to their country.

Boylan said they included Iraqis who sought to join the security forces and had became daily targets for insurgent attacks at recruiting centers, those who turned out to vote in the constitutional referendum, and those who chose to risk their lives by joining the government.

"Celebrate the daily milestones, the accomplishments they have secured and look to the future of a free and democratic Iraq and to the day that all of our troops return home to the heroes welcome they deserve," Boylan wrote.

I don't feel I need to add anything, I think Lt. Col. Boylan said it all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

All The News That Fits My Shit

The News of the Day from the Bad Ass Infidel.

First, Infinity broadcasting reaches down to feel their oats, and come up empty:

In the middle of a Tuesday conference call announcing Infinity Broadcasting's plans to replace Howard Stern, a familiar voice appeared: Beetlejuice, the diminutive, snaggle-toothed fixture from the shock jock's nationally syndicated morning show.

He was quickly cut off, leaving Infinity Broadcasting Corp.'s chairman and CEO Joel Hollander to explain how the prank only demonstrated the significance of the company's plans for a post-Stern existence _ a radio world where rocker David Lee Roth and comedian Adam Carolla will take over 12 of Stern's 27 Infinity markets.

"I'm glad Howard thinks this call is important enough to put on Beetlejuice," Hollander said before lobbing a programming grenade at Stern's satellite radio venture. "Infinity will have no 24-hour channels of farting."

What an idiot. Infinity drove Stern to distraction with their lack of support for his right to free speech, and then they want to kick his ass on the way out the door? Here's my prediction, Howard Stern is going to lead the radio world into the 21st century of satellite. Sirius is a good stock to own right about now. Infinity is a good one to sell.

Never again will Infinity stock be worth what it is today.

And anyway, so they say they aren't going to have 24 hour fart stations. Well, what are they going to have?

Diamond Dave. Yes, that's right David Lee Roth, a guy so uncool that even Eddie Van Halen can't stand being around him, is going to try to replace Howard Stern. Look for Infinity to lead the world in 24 hour incoherent rants. Here, I've got someone else Inifinity ought to look at as host; how about Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes? That guy couldn't make sense if his life depended on it.

And, in other news, the Ku Klux Klan is planning a rally against same-sex marriage:

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Ku Klux Klan plans to rally in Austin to support the gay marriage amendment set for the Nov. 8 ballot.

The rally planned on the steps of city hall the Saturday before the election will urge voters to favor proposition 2.

I've got an idea, why don't all the gay guys just marry the Klan's daughters? Then everyone will be happy.

A finally, you know Americans are getting pretty squirrely, when they get spooked by a cookie:

A terminal at San Diego International Airport was evacuated Tuesday after luggage screeners mistook a child's toy and a cookie for bomb- making components, officials said.

A screening machine at the Commuter Terminal detected what appeared to be bomb-making material in a carryon bag around 7:45 a.m., said Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Jennifer Peppin.

A bomb squad was called to the terminal, which serves regional flights, and investigators determined the bag did not contain any "IED," or improvised explosive devices, Peppin said.

"Essentially what they did find was a child's toy and some organic material in a bag that turned out to be a cookie," Peppin said. "Those two items combined on-screen, they very much appeared to be an IED, and it turned out not to be."

The terminal was reopened about 9:20 a.m. and passengers were allowed back in, Peppin said. Five commuter flights to Los Angeles and one flight to Salt Lake City were delayed, said Steve Shultz, an airport spokesman.

I guess this is as good a time to bring it up as any. I'm mortally afraid of Loofahs. Don't laugh. It's not funny.

Al Franken's Left Is Out Of Control

From Michelle Malkin.

It's a clip of the last few minutes of an exclusive promotional sales pitch for Al Franken's new book, "The Truth (with jokes)," featured at (Thanks to my web guy, Mark Jaquith, for the technical assist.) The video skit blurs truth and fiction as a psychotic Al Franken kicks a man potraying a conservative reader in the groin, smashes a stool over his back, and grins as another man playing one of Franken's fans cracks a bottle over the conservative's head.

Just for clarification, we are talking about Stuart Smalley who.... a caring nurturer, a member of several twelve-step programs, but not a licensed therapist. His show "Daily Affirmations" is on a cable access channel. The show is geared to help people with mental disabilities, such as overeating, drug abuse, and alcoholism.

Stuart himself grew up with a dysfunctional family. His father was "a big stinking drunk" who called chubby Stuart, "a waste of space." Stuart's mom is "a total loon and in complete denial about Dad's drinking," while his brother is a dope addict. Still, Stuart maintains a good and positive attitude throughout his show, while helping people solve their problems.

I know, Stuart Smalley was just a character, but is Franken's 'character' in the conservative nut kicking skit not representative of his true self?

Dave Pierre at Newsbusters asks:

Would a Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly ever get away with a publicity video like this without an "outrage" in the liberal media?

Malkin's best point is this...

Nope, because a) Hannity and O'Reilly wouldn't dream of making such a video in the first place and b) no company in its right mind (or rather, left mind) would think of hosting such a video even if a conservative personality were nuts enough to make one.

Could it be any clearer that the Left is able to say and do anything, while the Right would be crucified for doing the same?

Do you still doubt the Main Stream Media is biased?

I heard once, and I can't remember who said it, but...

When your enemy is imploding, get out of their way.

It seems the Democrats are imploding, so I'm going to get out of their way!

It's OK Al Franken, because, you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggonit, people like you!

Well, except that they don't.

You're an idiot.

Good luck on the failure of your book, like your radio show.

Tookie Update

This was the email I sent to Tookie.

We'll see if he responds.

I hope you get a chance to read this.

Tookie, you seem somewhat of a role-model, which is
sad for the black race in general. If you are what
young black men strive for, you should be ashamed of

Your 'Redememtion' is a little too little, and too

You seem to be a man who's lawyer is trying to save
your life, nothing more.

Prove me wrong.

The Fu2rman

He may or may not respond, but I bet I'll get some
hate mail.

If I do I will be sure to post it here.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rest In Peace, Or Don't, I Don't Care.

Stanley 'Tookie" Williams death warrant was signed today.

Do you know this guy?

He's the co-founder of the most murderous, drug dealing, anti-black gang in the history of the world, The Crips.

Williams is scheduled to die Dec. 13 at San Quentin prison. He maintains he is innocent, and supporters cite his renunciation of his past and his efforts to curtail gang violence, including a series of children's books he co-wrote in prison.

And yes, I said anti-black.

Think about it.

In the 80's and early 90's what did gang mentality, led by The Crips, and public perception because of it do to the black movement?

You're all smart people, I won't go into detail, but Tookie should go down in history as The Black Cancer.

I would bet this murderer, Tookie, set his people back 20 years.

My personal experience goes something like this...

In the late 80's and early 90's I was having a great time going to LA/Hollywood, going to clubs, (fake ID in hand, at least until '91), and what did we do when we saw a black person?

We avoided them, and didn't make eye contact.

Today that would sound racist, but at that time it was a very real and valid fear. There were drive-by's on a daily basis in LA.

Gangs used to say they would spray from 7 to 70's, suggesting they would use their uzi's to kill everyone in the area of a rival gang-member, as long as he was dead too.

I remember one very specific example, because I was at the same event, and the victims were my age.

After a Supercross at the Coliseum in LA, a 19 year old couple were apparently lost, and couldn't find their car. They went into the wrong neighborhood, and were both gunned down by gang members.

And why?

I think we all know. The gangs were evil people, pure and simple.

What does a reputation like that do for race relations?

It instilled fear, and distrust of young black men.

We can thank Tookie for that.

At this point Tookie has had a cable TV movie made about him, Redemption, starring Jamie Foxx, he has been nominated for 5 Nobel Peace Prizes, and co-written a series of anti-violence childrens books.

That's all good and nice, but here's the deal.

Tookie was 27 when he killed the four people he was convicted of killing. Old enough to know better.

Williams, 53, was sentenced to death in 1981 for fatally shooting Albert Owens, a Whittier convenience store worker, in 1979. He also was convicted of killing two Los Angeles motel owners and their daughter during a robbery that same year.

Please note, a witness to Owens murder testified that Tookie mocked the gurgling sound that his victim made as he was dying.

If Tookie truly wants to be a role-model, he should accept his death penalty.

I say that because if he doesn't, he is saying that you can go out and be pure evil, hate and murder, but just transform sometime later, co-write some books for kids, talk about anti-violence, and your off the hook.

That's crap, Tookie can further his role-model status by taking responsibility, and accepting his punishment (death).

He is scheduled to be executed December 13th, he could use his kids book money to make a documentary. It could show the journey of not only A gang member, but the BIGGEST gang member of all time, if you murder, you die too. It doesn't matter what you do later, you die too.

He should end it by saying, Young people, don't join gangs, don't kill people, or you'll end up like me, dead, one way or the other.

If he is allowed to live, it gives a free pass to all future murderers.

Howeird Dean, I Love That!

From The Astute Blogger...


Howeird Dean is at it again: The Bush White House is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history since President Warren G. Harding's, said Howard Dean during his first visit to Maine as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. ... "I'm tired of the ayatollahs of the right wing," Dean said.

WELL: Is it true? Is the Bush Adminstration "corrupt?" Is it the "most corrupt in history?" Is it even more corrupt than Clinton's? NO. Not by a mile. To date, there has not been a single indictment of ANY Bush Administration member. By comparison:
"According to our best information, [A] 40 government officials were indicted or convicted in the wake of Watergate [NIXON]. [B] ... there was a total of 31 Reagan era convictions, including 14 because of Iran-Contra and 16 in the Department of Housing & Urban Development scandal. [C]47 individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine were convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes with 33 of these occurring during the Clinton administration itself. There were in addition 61 indictments or misdemeanor charges. [AND] 14 persons were imprisoned." [Including Web Hubbell - crony. And don't forget Jimmy Carter crony Bert Lance and BCCI!] UPDATE: (for Clintonistas) - do the names Cisneros and Espy ring a bell? If not, then GOOGLE them!
THEREFORE: Even IF Fitzgerald indicts a few adminstration officials, it will STILL mean that George W. Bush has run the cleanest adminstration in HALF A CENTURY!

UPDATE: Welcome DAILY PUNDIT readers and Blogs For Bush readers!

Howeird Dean, I wish I would have thought of that, it couldn't be any more fitting, and funny too!

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Worst Story I've Seen In A Long Time

Mom Arrested in Bay Area Children's Deaths

Lashaun T. Harris, 23, was taken into custody Wednesday night after someone saw her drop the youngsters from a 10-foot pier not far from Fishermen's Wharf, a major tourist spot.

Now of course this is a very sad tradgedy. It is unthinkable that a Mother could do such a thing to her own children.

Harris first took off the children's clothes before dumping them in the water, according to a report in The San Jose Mercury News.

The real tradgedy is that
'someone saw her drop the youngsters from a 10-foot pier'. So she took the clothes off of 3 children, dropped them, one-by-one, into the water?

How can that
'Someone' live with themselves?

I can understand, one kid getting dropped in,
maybe 2, but they just stood back and watched?

...was arrested while pushing an empty stroller away from the pier and was jailed Thursday on suspicion of murder.

This person didn't do a damn thing to stop or help the situation.

Oh, I'm sorry, they were probably the one that called the Police,
maybe from their cell phone, but from a distance of course.

Harris was described as
blank, as in a blank stare, nothing there, when she was taken into custody.

Obviously! She's insane! Anyone that would abandon their children and leave them to freeze, drown and die,
couldn't be anything else?
someone out there may have been able to save one or two of these children, they could have done more than dial 911.

Let's all keep that in mind next time we see something strange out there.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Atlas Shrugs Kicks Ass

Check out her post.

Iranian adultress sentenced to death by stoning
Iranian Press News

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian woman has been sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, local media reported on Saturday, although Tehran maintains it no longer executes women in this way.

The woman, named only as Soghra, was found guilty of having an affair with her husband's friend, the Etemad daily reported.

Iran has met international criticism for handing out stoning sentences for adultery. The penalty involves victims being buried up to their midriffs and then pelted to death with stones that are not big enough to kill instantly.

Judiciary officials say no woman has been executed by stoning for several years and that stoning sentences are routinely changed to other forms of execution, such as hanging, or lighter sentences.

"The Islamic code obliges the judge to issue the stoning sentence in adultery cases, however the head of the judiciary may change the final sentence," a judiciary official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

Atlas says,

WTF is the feminists, where are the lovers of Freedom, where are the media?

This is my biggest concern for our country right now, everything is about party lines, nobody is thinking for themselves.

N.O.W. and the MSM should be outraged by this story, but that would not benefit the Left agenda of discrediting GW Bush and the war.

So...what? This woman is expendable? Turn your back on her to further your agenda?

That's just sad.

I reluctantly quote Dr. Laura Schlessinger when she calls NOW, the National Organization of SILLY Women.

That is so true.

How can they close their eyes, and keep their mouths shut when a woman only known as Soghra, is about to face an unbelievably cruel death?

I know, she may not be stoned, she may only be killed in another fashion, like hanging. That's so much better!

How does NOW sit back and say nothing about it?

Party Lines, that's how.

It is ridiculous, the Republicans will oppose a good idea, just because it is a Democrats idea, and the Democrats and the Left in general, will go so far as to blame Republicans and GW Bush for everything, including Hurricanes!

Again I say, you need a King! The Fu2rman is the King you need, Fu2rman in 2006!

I guess I will drop the King title to be President Fu2rman.


OK, I guess Madonna is a total nut-job.

This is from Drudge.


The former Material Girl now believes "the beast is the modern world that we live in!"

"The material world. The physical world. The world of illusion, that we think is real. We live for it, we're enslaved by it. And it will ultimately be our undoing," Madonna explains in her new documentary film, I'M GOING TO TELL YOU A SECRET.

In the movie, which will premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on Tuesday, Madonna warns how people "are going to go to hell, if they don't turn from their wicked behavior."

The singer, who is also promoting the upcoming release of her new music CD, declares: "Most priests are gay."

"I refer to an entity called 'The Beast'. I feel I am describing the world that we live in right now. To me 'The Beast' is the modern world that we live in."

Does she remember that she is frickin' Madonna!

I grew up watching Madonna videos, and they inspired some amount of adolescent 'alone time
', if ya' know what I mean.

Would she consider that the
wicked behavior she is speaking of?

If so, shouldn't she be
apologizing for inspiring such wickedness?

And the
'Beast' has made her a very wealthy woman, maybe she should make amends and give away every bit of money she received for inspiring wickedness.

She won't, she's a hypocrite just like many of the Hollywood types that speak down about the system that has given them the lifestyle and the voice that they have.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Why Is It Not OK To Call A Black Leader A Racist?

I'm so saddened by political correctness.

It is damaging to our communities, and our country as a whole.

Here, Atlas Shrugs has a great point.

As Iraqi citizens turned out to vote, risking their life basically, Louis Farrakhan, supported by other black supremacists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, marched on Washington.

Farrakhan's march didn't have the turnout he had hoped for, but that goes to show the point Atlas Shrugs is making.

Clearly, Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson do not speak for the Black community at large.

Farrakhan did say in his speech,

"I think we need a regime change in the United States of America."

You may be right Mr. Farrakhan, this 'regime' has been a total failure, Iraq has gone from a dictator that was intent on genocide, to a free election, the 'regime' has had two Secratary of States that are black, one a woman even, and if all goes well, she will be the next President of the United States. Not to mention, you still get to spew your hate without the 'regime' ever stating what you are, and that is a racist.

I'll say it, since this 'regime' is too nice to say it, you and Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton are all racists.

No Big Surprise Here

I mentioned in a post the we should let Tom DeLay be innocent until proven guilty.

And now it looks like it's going to be hard to prove him guilty.

DeLay's prosecutors lack a key document

They don't have list of candidates at the heart of the laundering case, just a 'similar' one

AUSTIN - Travis County prosecutors admitted Friday they lack physical proof of a list of Republican candidates that is at the heart of money-laundering indictments against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay and two of his associates... ...Indictments against DeLay, Jim Ellis and John Colyandro state that Ellis gave "a document that contained the names of several candidates for the Texas House" to a Republican National Committee official in 2002 in a scheme to swap $190,000 in restricted corporate money for the same amount of money from individuals that could be legally used by Texas candidates.

But prosecutors said Friday in court that they only had a "similar" list and not the one allegedly received by then-RNC Deputy Director Terry Nelson. Late in the day, they released a list of 17 Republican candidates, but only seven are alleged to have received money in the scheme.

That doesn't sound good for the prosecution, they have a list, but not the list?

Ellis' attorney J.D. Pauerstein had a field day with this.

"I'll tell you what I think about this list. In the 1950s, a man named McCarthy claimed to have a list of 200 communists in the State Department, and he didn't," said J.D. Pauerstein, a lawyer for Jim Ellis, the director of DeLay's Americans for a Republican Majority. "They (prosecutors) don't know what list they're talking about, even though they specify it in their indictment."

"On top of that, they are now subpoenaing cell phone records of Jim Ellis' 17-year-old daughter. This is a prosecution that has run amok. It's time for this to stop," Pauerstein said. "I guess they think Jim's 17-year-old daughter is a money launderer. I think it's outrageous that they're doing that to the young lady."

Well, what can you say, when they make it so easy. I like the part about a 'prosecution that has run amok.' Amok is such a fun word.

DeLay's attorney had something to say as well...

DeLay's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin of Houston, was not present in court Friday. But he later said the lack of a list "destroys" District Attorney Ronnie Earle's case against the three men.

"That's astonishing, astonishing that they would get a grand jury to indict and allege there is a list and then they have to admit in open court the first time they appear in open court that there is no list," DeGuerin said.

I'm not saying the 3 defendants are positively innocent, but seriously, get your act together if you are going make such serious allegations

I think the fact that a grown man, that has ascended to the position of District Attorney, and still goes by the name 'Ronnie', says it all.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What Is GW Thinking?

I am a big supporter of GW, but what was he thinking with Harriet Miers?

I will say three better names.

Janice Rogers Brown.

GW is guilty of cronyism with the FEMA/Michael Brown fiasco.

New Orleans was not his fault, but in the court of public opinion, he is guilty.

So what does GW do?

Try to appoint another crony.

Bad move.

JR Brown was a perfect nominee.

She is untouchable.

She is a SHE, that happens to be black, grew up at the end of segragation, how hard is this?!

She would be a shoe in.

How could the Left Democrats say anything against her?

They would alienate the female and black vote, neither of which they can afford to lose.

GW is losing me with Miers, I don't get it.

And his 'Trust Me' doesn't cut it.

No More Lap Dances In L.A.?

How can that be possible?

You can't even spell LAp Dance without LA!

Check out this article.

Two years ago, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a controversial lap-dance ban after many hours of public hearings, heated debates and protests from angry strippers and club owners.

Council members didn't technically ban the dances, of course. Instead, they created a rule that patrons couldn't get closer than six feet to the dancers, thus creating a de facto ban they knew was unenforceable for all intents and purposes.

Then, just a couple of months later, they unadopted the ordinance after it became clear strip-club supporters were threatening lawsuits and gathering signatures to put the ban on the ballot. Intimidated as usual, the council chose the wiser course of enforcing existing laws against strip clubs that actually are disrupting neighborhoods and going way over the line of common decency.

The whole fiasco provided good paydays to lobbyists, lawyers and consultants - as well as some handy campaign cash to some politicians.

Business for these folks must not be so good because the ban crusade is back.

Let me just start with, I'm not a fan of strip clubs, I don't like to spend money on a product that gives me nothing.

I will spend silly amounts of money on cigars, because it is a great excuse for me to stop and just be still for about an hour. It's a way I force myself to relax, and enjoy good company, a good drink, and let my mind take some time off. Money well spent in my opinion. I also mention a good drink, that is also money well spent, there is a certain gratification that comes with a good cocktail.

A lap dance, or any money spent in a strip club, is money poorly spent.

No gratification, just less money than you had before the dance.

I also don't like what strip clubs turn women into.

I don't care that they are using their bodies to make money, I would even be the first to argue that prostitution should be legal.

But strippers end up with a distorted view of men.

I went out with a woman, once, that was a stripper, and a good friend of mine always dates strippers. He's a guitarist, so it's mandatory, or something, I think it's in the 'rules'.

But notice, he always dates stripper's', not, he's married to a stripper, not, his girlfriend is a stripper, he has a new one all the time, and he can't figure out why. Even though I have explained it 50 times.

Strippers think men are pathetic, and that's no surprise, their clientele, especially their regulars are pathetic. They are nothing more than a stupid guy that gives them money for nothing. If you walk into a strip club, and the strippers know you, you are pathetic in their eyes. If they all know your name, you are ridiculously pathetic. I know this from talking to strippers!

I won't even get into the fact that strippers tend to abuse drugs and alcohol. Plus the fact that they are offered money for sex every night, whether they partake in such prostitution or not, is beside the point.

So you would think I'm all for this ban, right?


This is a free country, and if that is how one chooses to make a living, more power to you.

My problem with the law is almost altogether summed up in the article...

Give us a break. The lap-dancing attacks are nothing more than distraction from the real issues that bring down the quality of life in Los Angeles - things like kids getting shot on the way home from school, unsafe housing conditions, sweatshops where immigrants are exploited, streets that are literally falling apart, lack of good jobs, to name a few.

Lap dancing, sex clubs, the nation's pornography industry - those are symbols of the unhealthy state of the city, not the cause of its deterioration. Instead of creating another circus over the ground rules for lap dancing, city officials should start to work grappling with the big issues that actually affect the lives of millions of residents every day.

The City of Los Angeles has bigger fish to fry, and I am dissapointed in them that they are focusing on this issue.

The only other concern I have is this.

Any time our government thinks it is acceptable to legislate morality, they have over stepped their bounds.

No wonder LA is such a mess.

This Is Some Good Times Right Here

Click the pic to enlarge.

This is funny, but don't take it all serious...

You don't have to show outward ugliness, just listen and you'll hear the inner ugliness.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The World Thinks We Whimped Out In Viet Nam

It is great to hear someone else bringing this up.

al-Qaida No. 2: U.S. 'Ran' From Vietnam

In a letter to his top deputy in Iraq, al-Qaida's No. 2 leader said the United States "ran and left their agents" in Vietnam and the jihadists must have a plan ready to fill the void if the Americans suddenly leave Iraq.

"Things may develop faster than we imagine," Ayman al-Zawahri wrote in a letter to his top deputy in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. "The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam _ and how they ran and left their agents _ is noteworthy. ... We must be ready starting now."

Please note, "The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam _ and how they ran and left their agents _ is noteworthy.

Back on August 28th, I put up a post on a similar issue, it was in regards to what could have been, had we not bailed on Viet Nam. Read it here.

If al-Zawahri's comments don't make it unquestionably clear that we must stay the course, (just like GW Bush has been suggesting all along), you must not be paying attention!