Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seriously? Ahh, Why Not...

Curling delivers growing number of fans, players in Southern California

My goodness, could it be?  Curling, the joke sport of the Olympics is growing in popularity in SoCal?

While you won't see me doing any curling, it makes a lot of sense.

Check out the Gold Medal winning Canadian team.  I'm not saying these guys aren't athletes, I guess they are, but look at the dude on the left.

He looks like the drunk guy at the bar that you generally try to avoid.  

And this is why it makes sense that curling is becoming popular, even here in SoCal.  

This is a sport that anyone can do while drinking beer to shake off a hangover.  It's like bowling on ice, without the noise.  If you can bowl, walk on ice with slip-resistant shoes and use a broom, you can curl.  Actually, you don't even have to be a good bowler, that takes a little strength, pushing a rock on ice does not.

Here's a prediction for you, I am The Fu2rman and all...

Some celebrity, begging for publicity, is going to join a curling league to show just how hip and cool s/he is.  I don't know who, any ideas?

It's important to note, this is a sport that women can finally be better than men.  They clearly have an advantage, there is sweeping involved...

Orlando Sentinel: Soros Unhappy With Obama Because He Wouldn't Nationalize Banks?

I found this over at IBA:
The Orlando Sentinel is reporting this through it's blog site. Purportedly, Soros said this on Fareed Zakaria's TV show this morning.

Anyone have anymore information?

To me, this is a stunning admission from Soros. It doesn't surprise me Soros thinks this way. It surprises me he would have the AUDACITY to admit it on national television.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

CNN's Fareed Zakaria introduced George Soros as “the billionaire investor, financier, speculator, philanthropist and thinker.”

Zakaria on his “Fareed Zakaria GPS” this morning also noted that Soros was one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters.

Zakaria asked, “Are you satisfied with the job Barack Obama has done?”

Soros said he wasn’t. Soros wanted the banks nationalized, but added that Obama “made the political decision that that is un-American, will not be accepted.”

I love it when completely lunatic and maniacal men lose their composure, and accidentally let the truth squeak out like a fart in church.

Soros must be downing the vodka tonight, pacing around the house, knocking things over, cursing,

"Why the fuck did I say that? Why did I fucking have to say it? Now, everyone is going to know about my evil plans. My beautiful empire is ruined. It's coming to ruin. I'm melting. I'm melting. Oh, what a world, what a world."

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

My Name Evokes Hatred ...

Genesis 12:2-3

Oh My God, Look At How Beautiful My Breasts Are

Some people are so beautiful, they don't need anyone else to get them off. This chick is one of them.

But, I know her well, and she begs me to fuck her.

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How An Evening Begins At The Fu2rman Residence

Some gentlemen ask a woman if she'd like a martini. Some gentlemen just tie the broad to a chair, and begin to play mind games with her.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As Male Sexual Addiction

What? Are you kidding me?

I hear Tiger apologized the other day, and spoke of his love of hot babes, and threesomes, as if it were a "disease."

Listen, you can get a disease from sex, but a dude wanting to bone as many babes as he can, THAT is NOT A DISEASE.

It is normal, healthy manliness.

Men are born to fuck as man pussies in heat as possible, so that the most babies can be born as is possible in the shortest amount of time.

God implanted us with a powerful urge to fuck, and to fuck as much as possible, and with as much variety in poontang as possible.

That is the long and the short of it, no pun intended.

All this being said, God help me, I've been married 21 years to the same woman, and I've been fucking the same woman for 21 years, and I have not had any strange in all that time, and I do not intend to do so in the future.

That is MY morality, and I got that from MY relationship with God.

But, it is NOT the morality of nature. It is not the morality inborn in us.

"What?" you say. "You just said God gave us these powerful urges, and then you turn around and say God told us to stick with one woman???"

God created us to be higher than the animals, but the truth is, we are animals crawling out of the primordial ooze, and reaching for the heavens.

It is up to each of you which direction you want to go. Do you want to spend the rest of your life gooing around in the ooze, or do you want to reach as high as you can, learn as much as you can, and love as much as you can.

I have found there is no greater gift, and no great learning to be had, than to share one's life with one woman, with whom one has created a family.

The challenge and the glory of loving one another, learning from one another, and growing with one another through the years is the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

It's more beautiful than the most beautiful sunset viewed from the highest peak in the world.

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For Once, Female Sports Has Got My Respect

Olympic Shame? Hell No!

Does anyone else think this is not only fine, but f*cking cool?

Canada is OK.jpg

And she's kinda hot.

In fact, some would say, "She's smokin'."


Friday, February 26, 2010

Steve Wynn Rips Obama

Steve Wynn the Las Vegas Casino Developer, ripped The Obama Administration on his 4th Quarter conference call.  I had a chat with a very financially successful family member and he said many similar things about Obama's policies and ideals.

At some point all politicians are going to have to realize that big business and the rich are not the enemy.  Like it or not, they provide jobs and make the economy hum.

Obama, and the Democrats in general, seem to think that they can beat up and take from business all they want and give to the government worker or the poor.  That sounds nice, all flowers and puppies, but it's not reality.  

It's redistribution of wealth.  Plain and simple.

I've never been employed by a government worker or a poor person.  I have, on the other hand, been employed by wealthy people.  

I can't help but feel sorry for the wealthy every time I hear Obama target those evil rich people making over $250k per year.  Yeah, like making them pay for all Obama's out of control spending is going to work.  

The wealthy already provide most of the tax revenue, how much more can we expect them to pay?

Tax distribution

The Treasury Department in 2006 reported...the top 5% with gross income of $137,056 or more pay 57.1% (earning 33.4%), and the bottom 50% with gross income of $30,122 or less pay 3.3% (earning 13.4%).

The top 5% provide the Government with 57.1% of their budget, even though they only earn 33.4% of the income.  Is that enough?  Should they pay more still?  How about the freakin' Government reigning in spending?!

That got a little off topic, but check out what Wynn said.  He totally nailed it here...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do You Want Equality or Not?

Do women really want equality or just the appearance of equality?

The Tony Kornheiser Hannah Storm story is a good place to look at that question.   

The basics are this.

Kornheiser made a comment about fellow ESPN TV personality Hannah Storm's clothes, and now he is suspended for two weeks.

His comments on this outfit went like this...

Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She's got on red go-go boots and a catholic school plaid skirt ... way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s by now." [She's 47.] "She's got on her typically very, very tight shirt. She looks like she has sausage casing wrapping around her upper body ... I know she's very good, and I'm not supposed to be critical of ESPN people, so I won't ... but Hannah Storm ... come on now! Stop! What are you doing? ... She's what I would call a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this point."

I'm sorry, but that's hilarious AND 100% APPROPRIATE.

To begin with, that outfit is begging to be made fun of.  If it was a 25 year old hottie in the outfit, we may be hearing how the GIRL was suspended because she wasn't portraying ESPN in a professional manner.  But stuff a 47 year old broad into it, and god-forbid, she get's crap for it, suspensions will soon follow! 

Which of these two women deserve taken off the air and sent to the showers?  

Trick question, I know.  But couldn't you just see it?  Old broads would be all over a young hottie for dressing like Storm does on a regular basis.

That's not the only thing that bothers me about this.  

Sports is a man's world, like it or not.  We are the customer, the consumer of sports.  If women want to be a part of it, they should live by our rules.  Not us by theirs.  This is what men do, they rip on each other, that's how they show they respect each other.  If I didn't respect some dude and thought he was a pussy, I wouldn't rip on him.  He is a pussy and not worth my time and would probably cry like a little girl.  See how that works?  Dengler and I call each other all kinds of names...because...we have respect for one another.  If Storm can't take it, and ESPN has step in and slap Kornheiser's hand for being a mean, mean man, she should send her resume to the Food Network.  Sports is no place for a thin-skinned person, male or female.

To be fair, Storm declined to comment on the issue.

Which actually brings up another issue for me.  She has been in the sports world long enough to know all of what I just said.  She really should have come to Kornheiser's defense.  That would have won her my respect.  As of now, I think very little of her.  She is just another silly chick that said she wanted to be treated equally in The Man's World, and when she actually was, she cried because Bad Men hurt her feelings.

This makes women look weak.

I've had about enough of watching men compromise and compromise and compromise again to accommodate women.  It has been decades since a man was a Man.  I hear single women, (and some married women, as well), complain that there are no Men anymore.  How can I can't argue with that?  Women have pussified our men, our children and now they're after our sports?  

I don't think so.   

Come on Hannah Storm, (and all females in Sports and other traditionally Male fields), Man-up, dry your tears and either say Thank You for treating you equally, or admit that you don't want equality, you just want the benefits without the responsibility.  You want to make the same money, but reserve the right to leave for months at a time to have children.  You want to be able to unbutton just one more button exposing more cleavage to close a deal, but I better not comment on it, or I'm suspended.  

You've changed the way we talk at work to fit your needs, you flooded the work force with labor so you lowered wages to the point that families need two incomes to make ends meet, and still, you continue to ask Men to accommodate you in the workplace.

I've had it with that!

Since I started working at age 16, I have accommodated women at work.  Not every women I've worked with, some truly did want equality.  But I can't think of even one time a woman changed her behavior to accommodate me or my fellow Men.  Or more importantly, was forced to change her behavior.

Rise up Men and Real Women!  Say Yes to TRUE EQUALITY...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What A Trip!

I had a great trip to see the Wicked Pixie, with only one exception, (I'll get to that later).

First off, the Southwest flight was awesome!  

I don't know if the fat-asses actually boycotted the airline, but I didn't see even one fatty on either flight, there or back.  

Seriously, Southwest should consider this as a new advertising campaign. 

I would totally fly Southwest again, just for that great amazing feature!

Another great part of the trip is that I didn't turn on the news even once over the last five days.

Yeah, I'm clueless about everything that has happened this week, but the world didn't fall apart.

All in all, this was an uneventful long weekend.  Lots of time spent with her family and friends, and more importantly, lots of time together.  Part of that time together was due to basically being snowed in for about 24 hours.  It's a good thing we found some 'things' to do.  For some reason the bedroom was the warmest room in the house, so we spent that time there.

The one exception I spoke of was this...

We stayed in a hotel one night, and had a small incident.

You see, yours truly was in the middle of receiving an outstanding blow job when we heard a knock at the door.  

At first we were just going to ignore it.  But then we heard the key card on the lock, the sound of the lock opening and the door knob turning.  I jumped up to say we were 'busy' and saw this hot little mexican maid standing there with a cookie in her hand.  

No, that's not innuendo, she was holding a plate with an actual chocolate chip cookie wrapped up on it.  

Seeing my hard rooster and a naked Pixie, she asked if we needed any 'help.'

Now I'm sorry, but I'm a guy, what do you think I'm going to do?

I looked at the Pixie and asked, "Do we?"

She got 'that' look, and asked if I thought she needed help, and wasn't she doing a good enough job...

My god, she was doing a great job, but I feared I would only know that from memory if I didn't think fast.

About this point our hot little maid was putting the cookie on the table and pulling her hair away from the zipper on the back of her uniform as she turned around to give me access to relieve her of said uniform.

Needless to say, I asked her to leave.

To clarify, I would have asked her to leave anyway!  But I'm a man, what man doesn't have this fantasy?  This was exactly like a script in a porn!  Come on, what do you expect!?

Thankfully, and to my surprise, my Pixie wasn't really upset.  At least not at the fact that I asked if a hot chick could join us, she was more upset that I would think she needed help.  

You see, she prides herself on her oral skills.  She even had a license plate frame that said, LET GO OF MY EARS, I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.  Or something like that.  

After I explained that I'm likely ruined for all women after her blow job, (a fact that is true, BTW), she was fine, and we finished what we started.

Yes, a great week it was!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Can't Wait!

OK, I'm excited and annoyed that I have to fly tomorrow.

Excited, because I'm going to see The Wicked Pixie, annoyed because I have fly.

I'm flying Southwest, the airline in the news this week for booting a fatty.

I have three issues with taking this flight.

One, airport security is a joke.  I hate that the TSA is still taught to look for things and not people.  It's so dumb, they are looking for 'stuff' that could be a threat when they should be asking people questions.  Seriously, three questions and the underwear bomber never would have made it to the plane on Christmas...Why don't you have an address?  Why did you pay (approx) $2000 in cash for a one way ticket?  Why don't you have any luggage?  Do you think he would have tipped his hand or at least freaked out a little?  If anyone freaks out over simple questions, red flag.  Instead TSA installs body scanners.

I am looking forward to going through the body scanner, I do love to show off my junk!

Two, I have a gift for The Wicked Pixie but as I was packing I realized it won't be allowed on the plane.  I guess I could check my bag, but what's the point of packing light for a simple extended weekend if you have to check your bag?
Three, and this is a good thing.  I heard some Fat-Bastard groups are boycotting Southwest because of how they treated Fat-ass Kevin Smith.  This is great news for me!  The thought of getting stuck next to some fatty is not a pleasant one. 

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that the TSA is bullshit and doesn't make me feel safer, only violated.

I've heard other talk shows say they should only profile Muslims.  

This is also foolish and reactionary, and TSA is already foolish and reactionary.

Again, no address, paid cash for a one-way ticket, no luggage.  All red flags.  My fucking shoes and a bottle of water are not!

If a passenger raises red flags, question him further, let the rest of us move along...

With our shoes on!


Gotta love Gen, female singer that's fucking hot and kicks ass!

A little S&M never hurt either...depending which side you are on, of course.

A Broad Who Goes Down Within Five Seconds

I could get used to this.

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Tiger Set To Apologize Tomorrow

Turn on ESPN right now, and this is all you will hear about.

What is he going to say?  Is Elin going to be there?  Is he sincere?  He isn't taking questions, is this just a face-saving stunt?  Blah, blah, etc.

Of course this has nothing to do with remorse,  it's just the first step in getting his sponsors back.  

It will come off as an insincere and scripted apology, because it will be an insincere and scripted apology.

But so what?

Tiger doesn't owe the public a damn thing! 

As for his roster of mistresses, he owes them nothing either. 

They knew he was married, they deserve nothing.  And if that stupid porn star Joslyn James/Veronica Daniels, actually had an abortion(s?) and quit doing porn at Tiger's request, that's on her too.  

This broad is represented by the devil, Gloria Allred, who has asked Tiger for a public apology.

Gloria Allred said she wants the golfer to "apologize to Veronica by name on Friday for all of the anguish and distress that he has put her through."
She added that Siwik-Daniels wants Woods to "acknowledge that they had a three year romantic and intimate relationship, and that he told her that their relationship would last a lifetime."
"Veronica has made tremendous sacrifices for him. She gave up the porn business at his request and went into hiding when the scandal broke in order to protect him. But to date, he has not contacted her to apologize," the New York Daily News quoted Allred as saying.

Come on, do you think Tiger is stupid?

I thought Allred was supposed to be smart.  This is transparent and obvious.  Veronica should sue her to get her money back.  

If Tiger acknowledges the affair with Veronica in any way, it opens him up to their bullshit lawsuit.  Because right now they have no case.  He publicly admits a relationship with Veronica, and they're going to court.  

And for what?  

Veronica:  Because I quit porn, and I loved him, and yeah I know he was married, but I want to cash in now because I'm mad...hmmph...

Where is the real wrong doing here?  

Broad fucks married man, married man lies to her, married man dumps her to save marriage.  

Is this really a surprise to anyone?

Isn't that how affairs are supposed to work?

I have another thought on why Tiger doesn't want anything to do with Veronica...

She used to look like this...

And now she looks like this...


When you look at Before/After pictures, isn't the After supposed to look better?  

You really think Tiger is going to go out of his way to keep her around?  Well, his avoidance of her says it all.

Bottom line, Tiger is golfer, not a politician.  He doesn't represent us, the public.  So he doesn't owe us, the public, anything.

He gets paid a lot of money to play golf and help sell Gatorade and Nike  and other junk.

Just go play golf already.

Win a tournament, especially a Major and the sponsors will be lining up to get on the Tiger Train...

Apology or no apology.



Me and the Fu2rman, we love art.

We go to Gallery Openings together, steamy paper cups of freshly-brewed coffee held, expectantly, in hand, to gaze at beauty made manifest ...

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
Sometimes the feeling just gets too much, and we find ourselves huddled together, tears in our eyes, trembling at the transcendental and exquisite delight layed out before us.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

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Empire State Building Suicide

After jumping from the observation deck, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale plunged over 300 meters down Empire State Building and landed on the roof of a parked UN limousine.

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What's Up With This?!

Normally I don't give a crap about Lady Gaga. I couldn't name one of her songs, and I wouldn't recognize her if she was standing right next to me. But I happened upon a picture of a woman with antlers and thought, WTF is up with this Canadian chick?! And what do ya' know, it was Lady Gaga.

The antlers are clearly fake, but what statement is she trying to make here?

Is she saying that Canadian chicks should be proud of their antlers?

I hope not, because that is a terrible message.

Is she Canadian?

I had to look it up, but she is not. Turns out she was born in New York to Italian American parents.

I just don't get it.

Help me out here...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

  1. Remove your doors.
  2. Eat half of each pet
  3. Sit on a big, thick book
  4. Something something keyring holder
  5. Paint clocks cheery pink
  6. Wear discarded food
  7. Make-believe girlfriend chair
  8. Sleep in liquor cabinet
  9. Embrace hug love hug meow meow
  10. Small room to plan crimes
  11. Hack your house key organizer
  12. Mail a surprise toaster
  13. Just stare more
  14. Fourteen
  15. Poke holes in paper things
  16. Macrame shoelace tree
  17. Scrapbook poop and pee
  18. Euthanize even faster
  19. Amputate favorite limb
  20. Pencil shaving gallery
  21. Immigrant coat rack
  22. Shoebox of dangerous porn
  23. Zen unicorn rainbow zen journal
  24. Icepick to one good eye
  25. Simplify fourteen harder
  26. Aluminum foil swan cozy dryer
  27. Smell your finger. All of it.
  28. Resimplify your simplicity
  29. Habitualize your zen
  30. Remind your drapes, “I love you, Mrs. Textile”
  31. Freeze your clutter
  32. Couch fort dinner party
  33. Nicene creed robot
  34. Only sodomize things that forgive
  35. Coaxial sweater vest
  36. Transitive verb predicate clause
  37. More crying but quieter
  38. Inhaler nativity
  39. Contact paper taxonomy binder
  40. America’s Roast Beef: Yes, Sir
  41. Breathe like no one’s dancing
  42. Unbridled solo diaper play
  43. Illuminated panty shrine

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Undocumented Guests?

After reading Dengler's post, Illegal Immigration - The New Frontierspeople, I thought this was a great response to it.

Isn't that an interesting perspective? It's absurd, of course, but so is the entire issue of Immigration.

So many people are missing the point when talking about Immigration. There is a very distinct difference between Immigration and Illegal Immigration.

Aside from the total whack-jobs, I don't know of a single thinking American that is against Immigration. I know plenty that are against Illegal Immigration, myself included. I'm all for immigration. This is a great country, I don't blame anyone for wanting to live here, just do it the right way. I really don't think that is too much to ask. Do you?

Keep that in mind when a dishonest politician calls anyone against Illegal Immigration a racist.

This reminds me of the Health Care debate.

Here again, nobody is saying people should not get Health Care, it's about who pays for it. The Pro-Obama Care side would have you believe that those of us against Obama Care want people to die in the street. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The resistance to Obama Care is WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT? It's not free health care coverage, someone has to pay for it! Should you and I pay, through our taxes, for the people that would rather buy a new car and a bigscreen TV and whatever else is more important than taking care of their or their families health insurance needs?

Personally I don't.

Unless of course, all of Obama's nurses are required to look like her. If that's the case, forget everything I just said, I'm in!

OK, back to Illegal Immigration...

Here is an example of a politician either talking out of his ass, or lying. It has to be one or the other.

“This bill is unconstitutional,” said Rep. Joe Baca, D-San Bernardino. “It would change one of the most basic principles that our nation was founded on: If you were born in the United States, you’re an American.”

This was Baca's statement in response to the bill that Dengler pointed to at the end of his post.

Do you see a problem here?

The Fourteenth Amendment provides a broad definition of citizenship, overruling the decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), which had excluded slaves and their descendants from possessing Constitutional rights.

Now do you see the problem?

It was written to give slaves and their descendants equal rights under the 1868.

Now I'm a little fuzzy on exactly when the United States was founded, but I'm pretty sure it was a few years before 1868! You know, if by a few we're talking about almost 100.

The 14th Amendment had nothing to do with any principle the United States was founded on, let alone the 'Most Basic Principle.' We wrongfully brought the slaves here against their will. They did not choose to come here, legally or illegally. To right this wrong, we gave them citizenship. That must be accompanied by equal protection under the constitution.

Since we didn't drag Illegal Immigrants here against their will, or even invite them, this is a different story all together. Slaves were granted citizenship, Illegals have not. Yet, anyway.

So is Joe Baca lying, or is he a retard? Sorry, I mean mentally challenged. You tell me, because I would believe either.

All politicians, Democrats and Republicans, should be looked at from a Distrust-But Verify point of view. None of the Trust-But Verify nonsense, they prove over and over again that they don't deserve that courtesy.

Politicians are liars and thieves, until they prove otherwise.


Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

New Mr. Gay China Heads To International Gay Beauty Pageant!

A Chinese Muslim man is the winner of the Mr. Gay China Pageant, and he is headed for the International Mr. Gay Pageant Competition.

Looks that kill

BEIJING — He is 25, Muslim and comes from a part of China recently known for deadly ethnic rioting. This weekend, he is competing for the title of Worldwide Mr. Gay.

As with all such endeavors in China, the journey has been long and winding.

The Chinese delegate at Worldwide Mr. Gay was supposed to have been the winner of Mr. Gay China, a pageant originally set for Jan. 15 in central Beijing. But at the last minute, the Chinese authorities shut down the show, saying the organizers did not have the right permits.

Nevertheless, 11 people — the three organizers and eight pageant participants — quietly got together in late January and voted to send one of the contestants to Norway. That turned out to be a man from the western region of Xinjiang known publicly only by his nickname, Xiao Dai, or his English name, Andrew. His official pageant name is Xiaodai Muyi, and he landed in Oslo on Tuesday, a day after getting a Norwegian visa.

“After the cancellation, we thought our attempt to educate the Chinese public had failed for now,” Ben Zhang, an organizer of Mr. Gay China, said Friday in a telephone interview. “By sending someone to Oslo, I guess we’re sending out a message to the world that still China is able to send a representative.”

According to the official pageant Web site, the finale takes place on Saturday.

Xiao Dai has been trying to maintain a low profile, and he could not be reached by telephone on Friday. “His schedule is very packed,” Mr. Zhang said.

As is his Hershey Highway, I'm guessing.

But seriously, you know his schedule is packed as tight as a Suicide Bomber's Vest with ways to avoid all the "moderate Muslims" who would cut off his head for being a homo.

Because that's Mohammed's prescription for all the faggots in the world; DEATH!

You know, I remember, I met Mohammed once. He was a very handsome young man. (Now, admittedly, these were the pre-Jihad days, before he had grown a beard, and decided to forgo porking ... uh, I mean, pork.)

Anyway, I met him in this remnant Roman club called the Manhole. He was dancing to a tune by Lady Gaga, as I recall. He was wearing very tight pants, and his cock and balls were all smushed against his left inner thigh. (In retrospect, I find this particular detail of my recollection quite interesting, because any Muslims knows, you are to enter Mosque right leg first, but I digress...)

I offered to buy him a drink, and he demurred.

His teetotaler pose said, "No, no, no," but his veiled and beguiling smile said, "Yes, yes, yes."

I must admit, he almost had me. But then, I realized, I'm no homo, no matter how far from home I am. So, I pulled my shoe off my foot, and beat his ass with it.

Next thing I know he's whimpering and quivering, crying like Nancy Kerrigan, "Why me? Why me?"

Because, you're a faggot, Mo! You stupid fuck!

Mohammed fucking

Anyway, I left the young Mohammed to his playful, boyish ways, and chalked the whole thing as one to regret. Yet another apple along the road.

I hope I haven't bored you with my story. An older gentleman will tend to ramble when thinking about all the things left behind.

We really, really, really need a palette cleanser after that one.

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Dude Builds The Ultimate Man Cave

Cleveland, Ohio Man Builds 'Extrme Igloo/Man Cave': 625-Square-Foot House Made Of Snow...With Cable, A Flat Screen TV, Strobe Lighting

WSYX - AQUILLA, Ohio (AP) -- It's quite the man cave.

Jimmy Grey says he's been out of work for almost a year and needed a project to stay busy. So with the heavy snowfall this winter, the 25-year-old laborer got to work on an extreme igloo in his family's yard in Aquilla , about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

His four-room creation has 6-foot ceilings and an entertainment room. He powers the TV with an extension cord plugged into an outlet in the garage. He also ran wires for cable television with surround-sound stereo.

Grey says candles help add ambiance for nighttime get-togethers with friends, and the freezing temperatures mean that the beer never goes warm

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So, Shoot Me

What most captures your attention in this photo?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama Beginning To Realize An Unclenched Fist Won't Help Relations With Iran?

From Infidel Bloggers Alliance

The money quote from the New York Times:

Ray Takeyh, a former Iran adviser to the Obama administration, said administration officials were learning from experience.

“There was a thesis a year ago that the differences between the United States and Iran was subject to diplomatic mediation, that they could find areas of common experience, that we were ready to have a dialogue with each other,” Mr. Takeyh said, but “those anticipations discounted the extent how the Iranian theocracy views engagement with the United States as a threat to its ideological identity.”

In other words, we are the Great Satan.

Iran's ideological identity is defined by it's opposition to the United States, no matter who the President is, or what he does.

And, look at how far Obama was willing to go to unclench his fist:

As a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama declared himself open to dialogue even with intransigent states like Iran.

the numerous times in the past year that he reached out to Iran, including a YouTube video to the Iranian people; a letter from Mr. Obama to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei; and even an offer to help Iran buy isotopes for a medical research reactor.

But the nonencounter in Munich between General Jones and Mr. Mottaki, like the full court press on Iran by Mrs. Clinton and other envoys to the region this week, shows that the administration is coming to terms with the limits of its engagement policy, many foreign policy experts say.

Obama has gotten to the end of himself and found there is a real world out there after all.

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Art For The Discerning Gentleman

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
::: Michelangelo :::

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Illegal Immigration - The New Frontierspeople


I spent some time last evening with a 59 year old Honduran woman who lives here in the United States. Her story was quite incredible to me.

She moved here in 1977, travelling by bus through Mexico. She left behind a daughter and an alcoholic husband. She found work in a taco joint. She earned $2.95 per hour. With her meagre earnings, she proceeded to save money to start the process of bringing her relatives to America.

In all, she brought five relatives, including, of course, her daughter. (She left the alcoholic husband to his bathtub tequilar in Honduras). Each trip cost her $6000 in airfare, bus fare, and bribes for the various "authorities".

In the early 80's she got a job in a factory helping to assemble the parts that go to make up our weaponry. This job allowed her to accelerate the process of bringing her relatives to America.

She told me that each trip, she would purchase a plane ticket to Honduras, pick up one relative, and then take the bus through Mexico, and across the border into the United States. During the trip through Mexico, every time the bus stopped, the "authorities" would get on the bus and shake her down for money. Typically, she had to pay them the equivalent of $100.

At any point, anyone of these "authorities" could have simply hauled her off the bus, stolen all her money, raped her and left her for dead, or put her in a Mexican prison, to be deported at a later date.

At 58, she is still a beautiful woman, and she is in very good shape. One can only wonder at how beautiful she must have been, when she made her initial journeys in her 20's and 30's.

I can tell you this unreservedly; I would never have had the bravery to do what this woman did. She is a true frontiersperson.

The land of America cries out to people like her, "You are a person to match my mountains."

I hate illegal immigration, but let's face it, it is our fault that it continues happening. The reason I put the word authorities in quotation marks throughout this piece is because our "authorities" are not doing their jobs, and thus they have no authority. They are the criminals in this process.

This brave woman got through the border six consecutive times. She was never once arrested. That means, six times some "authority" took money from her to look the other way.

This has got to stop. If we need to have a revolution in this country, so that we the people can take back our sovereignty from these "authorities", then so be it. And, let's face it, the corruption goes all up and down the line, from our governmental "representatives", to the President, to the courts, to the businesses who employ people like her.

That being said, America is truly strengthened when people as brave as this woman come to our country and create a life here.

She now owns a home on a piece of property that is big enough to have three additional houses, which she rents out to tenants. Her daughter went to college, got married, and has a beautiful family. Her daughter is in administrative work at an aerospace company. I met her son-in-law and her 12 year old grandson, and they both exceptionally kind people. The love between the whole family was evident.

And nothing better can be said of a culture than that it provides a structural framework of laws and institutions which allow love and selflessnes to flourish between people.

But, if we continue down the "illegal immigrant" road, our laws and institutions will continue to suffer. And eventually they will crumble under the weight of their lack of authority.

And then, our culture will no longer allow love and selflessness to flourish between people. Instead, we will be the wild, wild west all over again.

We need to make some hard choices.

By the way, this is my best guestimate at what this brave woman must have looked like when she was in her prime:


Republicans Introduce Bill to Stop Illegals From Having Anchor Babies...

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What's Palin Going To Say Now?

'Family Guy' Mocks Sarah Palin's Son Trig For Having Down Syndrome

After making headlines for calling out Rahm Emanuel for his use of the word "retard," Sarah Palin may have a new target: "Family Guy." The show, which has a history of crossing the line at every opportunity, took a shot at Palin last night, mocking her son with Down syndrome.
In the episode, a main character, Chris, dates a mentally disabled girl. While never mentioning Palin by name, the girl drew a clear comparison to her son, Trig, when she told Chris, "My dad's an accountant, and my mom's the former governor of Alaska."
Palin has yet to comment on the personal jab, but given her asking for Emanuel's firing, it's likely she'll have some words for Seth MacFarlane and the irreverent cartoon.

Yeah, not offensive. It turns out that the down-syndrome girl Chris dates is a controlling, abusive pain in the ass. Chris ends up saying something along the lines of...I heard people with down syndrome were different but it turns out you are a fucked up asshole, just like everyone else, (not the exact quote, but close). How can anyone argue that this is offensive? Isn't that what all the PC people want? Equality and everyone treated exactly the same?

It's important to note that this story is all about baiting Palin into commenting and exposing her to the appearance of over reacting. I hope she is at least savvy enough to recognize that. However, if Palin does have anything to say about this, I just don't care anymore

I'm about done with Palin. I've tried and tried to like her, but I can't. It's not even that I don't like her, I do. I just don't like her as even a remotely possible President of the US. She is not the savior of the United States or even the Republican Party, and it's a mistake to think she is either.

Calling out Rahm Emanuel was dumb in my opinion. That was something he said last August, get over it. This was clearly her playing into the 'victim' role the media has handed her on a silver platter and making it a political issue. Emanual is a douchebag, but now Palin, you are too for making his statement all about you and your kid. It's sad you have a retarded son, but he's just like everyone else, right?

I'm sorry, I'm so tired of all the PC bullshit. In Emanual's position, he should choose his words more carefully than the rest of us, but his apology for the comment was perfectly appropriate, end of story. Calling for his firing was way over the top. Likewise, I don't want to hear liberals angry over criticism of Obama because he's black. He is nothing more than Jimmy Carter part 2, white, black or otherwise. I also don't want to hear anyone complain that I don't like Palin because she's a woman.

Let's be truthful, if a man said some of the things she has said, he would be long gone from the public spot light. If I hear her say that every issue is 'common sense' one more time, I'm going to break something. Sorry Palin, there are some very complex issues facing our nation, and I don't think you are equipped to fix them, man, woman or otherwise.

And to put an exclamation point on it for me is this...

Seriously? Write it on a note card. Even a 1st grader giving an oral report could figure that out!

Palin is still great to look at, but she should have finished her term as Governor of Alaska, run for US Senate where she would pick up some much needed national experience, then and only then consider a run for the Presidency. As of now, there is no way I would vote for Palin for President. Some air time on Fox News and a Tea Party speech is just not going to cut it for me.

I remember the day I heard McCain picked her as a running mate. I was very disappointed, but I sold myself on her. I even tried to sell others on her, but I'm officially off the Sarah Palin train.

There are some great things about her being such a polarizing figure.

I love that she pisses off the kook Left and she gets the kook Right to show themselves as, well, kooks. But the best part is the photoshopped pictures of what she might look like under that buttoned up suit...Or as my Hooter-Girl Fantasy, or my Teacher Fantasy or my Gun-Toting-Bikini-Girl Fantasy...

Now let the hate mail roll in...

Dengler cutting in -

Hey Fu2rman, Palin's family is talking:

Palin's Respond to Family Guy Episode Mocking Trig's Down Syndrome: Sarah Says, "Like Another Kick in the Gut," Bristol Vents, "They're Heartless Jerks For Making Fun of My Brother"...


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Alec Baldwin Is THAT Girl

I had a feeling, but this confirms it.

Good ol' Alec Baldwin was back in the news last week.  Why didn't I post this last week?  I was busy serving as The Wicked Pixie's Jumpoff.  What can I say?  I'm such a slut.  However, I couldn't just let this story die.

Early Thursday morning, NYC's WNBC News reported that Baldwin, 51, was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital after his 14-year-old daughter, Ireland, called 911, claiming that the 30 Rock star was "unresponsive" in their West Side apartment.

A law enforcement official tells the Associated Press that Baldwin and his young daughter had argued and she told 911 he had threatened to take pills. (The official spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the person wasn't authorized to speak publicly.)

Again with the 'threatening,' what the fuck?  Why can't this man follow through with anything?

If George W. Bush is elected President, (in 2000), he would pack his bags and move to France.  Well Alec, he was elected, and then re-elected...Why did you stay in The US?  You are not a man of your word, no big surprise.  It's not like you have any character Alec, which is not the same as playing a character in your little world of make believe.  

I was not one of those who was horrified by Alec's voice mail to his 11 year old daughter calling her a 'thoughtless little pig' and threatening to 'fly down there and kick your ass!'  Oh, look at that, another empty threat!

My belief was that she is 11 and probably is a thoughtless little pig that needs her ass kicked.  She is, after all, the product of Alec and Kim Bassinger, two total nut-jobs.

In light of this new story, I was wrong.  I now totally understand why his daughter shut off her phone and dodged his call.  I wouldn't take a call from Psycho-Dad either!

What kind of man pulls the 'I'm going to kill myself because of you!'?  

That's just it, a MAN does not.

I must admit, I fell for this ploy, once.  At what should have been the end of a break up speech, a girlfriend pulled that on me.  It started as the classic But IFLY.  That is, But I Fucking Love You!  When I wasn't buying that, she jumped right to the I'm going to kill myself if you break up with me!  With shame I must say, it worked.  It kept me around for a little while longer.  The next week or whatever, I just left a Dear Jane letter and stopped taking her calls. 

Unfortunately, that was not the last time I heard the kill myself tactic.  I am happy to report that by the 3rd, 4th and 5th girl that pulled that nonsense, I figured out how to deal with it...I simply said, 'OK, well, good luck with that.'  

For the record, to this day no woman has killed herself over me.  I wouldn't kill myself over me, so why would anyone else!

I now try my best to avoid THAT girl.  

But now Alec has proven himself to be THAT girl.  I am recommending that you all avoid everything Alec Baldwin at all cost.

Do you know what my experience made me realize?

I really do love a Suicide Girl!

But not that kind...

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