Saturday, February 26, 2005

Did We Forget? How About A Reminder?

Have you ever seen anything that disturbed you?

Like the way the U.S. continues to mistreat terrorist prisoners.

It's even been suggested that the U.S. has built prisons in places like Saudi Arabia and basically subcontract it to them. That way, prisoners could be tourtured, outside the U.S. knowledge.

The old "We didn't do it! The 'fill in the blank' runs that prison! We would never do such a thing"

Does that bother you?

Because what really bothers me is this.

I don't have any problem with torturing our enemies.

For one, look again at what they did in New York!

Two, we are playing by the rules set by civilized people. The terrorists do not.

The US should quit being so damn nice and use the same tactics as the terrorists at any time they see fit.

It is ugly, but so is war.

Just a little fact from a good friend of mine...


According to , there have been 88 hostile fire deaths caused by firearms since the beginning of hostilities in Iraq. The remainder of coalition deaths have been due to explosives or accidents.
What does this mean? If you consider that there have been an average of
160,000 troops in theater during the last 22 months, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000. The rate in DC is 80.6 per 100,000. That means that you are more likely to be shot and killed in our Nation's Capitol, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, than you are in Iraq.
The conclusion? Under the 'tactics' of the left, we should immediately pull out of WASHINGTON, DC.!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Feminism Is The Problem?

The ideology which would tear down organizations, and which is to blame for this increase in chaos, is feminism. Feminism, at bottom, abhors organizations because they are hierarchical and linear rather than mushy, feely, and circular. Feminists truly believe that they are making the world a better place, but clearly they are not.

That is the end of a comment from a reader. Very interesting.

I'd like to add that the majority of feminists are bitter angry people, but why?

Well, they get one of two types of men, meek little men that they can dominate, or none at all!

Actually, there is a third type, but they don't get to have them, they are the men that divorce them and leave them single. The type that get sick of catering to their every need, without an ounce of appreciation, but god-forbid, you don't appreciate them even once and you're living in the dog-house. I dated one of those, thank God I never married the monster!

But I digress, feminists can have a meek boy if you will, but they will never be happy!

Or be a dominant, selfish, ball-busting, dominant woman, and enjoy your bachelorhood!

Life is full of choices...

The last woman I dated regularly was very different, she was a woman that was driven to succeed, she had so many obstacles to get over before she would succeed, but I liked her drive. She was different from most women because when we went out she would actually pick up a check once in awhile, to be clear, we were pretty even on what we spent when we were out. I'd buy, she'd buy, whatever, but what is interesting about it was this...

Because of that one little thing, I looked at her as a total equal.

Weird huh...

So many silly women want it both ways...

I want all the perks of chivalry,
and all the perks of feminism.

I'm finished with that!

It's time to cut that off, and the feminists, they're cut off too!

The feminists of '05 don't seem to get it.

I want to be with one woman forever, I want to be faithful, I want to be romantic. But pick your life!

Do you want a man you can kick around?

You'll hate it once you get it

Do you want a real man?

Someone happy to be a man, happy he can do things you can't, happy you can do things he can't! I think most women on the planet would agree with me.

So why is it that the media gives so much attention to foolish, bitter feminists like Gloria Allred and Maureen Dowd?

Women, if you were a man, would you be attracted to G. Allred?

Yes, you would!

Because she is more of a man than some men I know!

I wouldn't want a damn thing to do with some career woman with feminist views. So when you get older and more bitter, and your
stock as a woman has totally tanked, think of me, The King, I'll be dating some far younger woman than you. If you just could have been a little more supportive, not so selfish, and geez, pick up a check once in awhile, not just on my birthday! you may be married to me....

The Fu2rman.

I just get sick of being
bashed by feminists just for being a man.

I let them have their fun,
but enough already, get off it!

are different than women, we have our strengths, you have yours, it's time to celebrate the differences.

Not condemn them!

The feminists have been able to go on, totally unchecked because of political correctnes,
how has that worked out?

Not so well!

So the Fu2rman has had it!

It's time to take back our sexes! Men, be what you
think is right, and Women, be what you feel is right!

It's really simple, don't let the femenists tell you how you
should be, just listen to your soul!!!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I know I've Been Missing For Awhile

I will not be ignoring this site in the upcoming months. I apologize for my absence.

I have a couple issues that are angering me right now.

1) One of my best local friends just arrived in Kawait on his way to Iraq for the second time.

2) My very best friend is a cop in the US.

The following are two posts, one on each topic.

My Freind In Iraq...Again

My friend is a guy that could have found a way out of his last trip to Iraq, an injury.

He had the same injury this time, but worse! He could have easily stayed home.

But he didn't! He went, again, and is doing his duty, he could not be talked out of it!

He is a bigger man than I.

I have requested, while he has email access, that he inform me, and us, on the state of the Iraqi's and surrounding countries opinion of the U.S.

I look forward to his response.

LAPD, And Police Officers In General

My best friend lives in another state. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this story.

He is a Police officer. Married, child.

The hardest conversation I ever had to have with him went something like...

Hey Fu2rman, guess what happened? I was working the jail, and a scuffle broke out. I took down a guy that is a known IV drug user. He's only been in a month. I cut my hand as I went to the ground with him. Unfortunately, he was bleeding at the time, from the fight with the other inmate. He bled on my hand that was cut as we went down. The Department did an AIDS test on him, but even if it comes back negative, I have to wait another 5 months before we know for sure. He's only been in coustody 1 month, so he could have contracted AIDS 32 days ago, so I won't know about my health for over 5 months. I have to wait until next week to know if he was infected when he got here.

How do I live my life? What do I expect from my wife? I have to abstain from relations for 5 months? What do I need to do to ensure my wife and daughter are not infected?

That is only part of the life our Police officers have.

Would you choose that?

I would not.

In LA we had a shooting, I'm sure it's made the news across the country.

A 13 year old got shot and killed,

Now the
'supposed leaders' of the comunity are protesting.

To be clear!!!

I don't think the LAPD is the greatest bunch. But look what they have to deal with!

You couldn't pay me enough!

I would like to ask,
"Where is the media attention and public outcry when decent people, trying to do good, lose their lives in these dangerous comunities?!!!"

We never hear about that do we!

Let's bottomline this one for the comunity

If the boy would have
not been stealing cars, he would be alive today!

Too harsh?

OK, if the boy that stole the car would have
stopped the car, he would still be alive today!

You probably don't like that either.

How about this?

Please, take some responsibility for once!!!

You are the protesting

You figure out how to stop crime!

The Fu2rman was King, as it should be, I'd make the LAPD turn the area over to you to police!

You think it's so damn easy...

It's yours!