Friday, April 21, 2006

More Evidence of Peace From The Muslims

This is an interesting article.

What Muslims Hear at Friday Prayers

Is there really a clash of the cultures between Islam and the West? SPIEGEL documents Friday sermons from mosques around the world. As imams guide their congregations, they praise the delights of paradise, sow the seeds of doubt in government authority -- and sometimes preach hatred.

Last Monday, the 12th of Rabi al-Awwal 1427, traffic stood still in most Islamic countries, government employees had the day off and children stayed home from school. On the 12th of Rabi, the world's Muslims observe the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

Pictured--Thousands of Indonesian Muslims assemble at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

Egyptians celebrate Maulid al-Nabi, as a sort of Islamic Christmas. In cities across the Nile delta, thousands take to the streets playing drums and trumpets. Little girls receive dolls and little boys are given horses made of sugar. It's Egypt's biggest religious festival.

In Pakistan, the faithful place a young boy, dressed as a Bedouin, on a horse and parade him through the streets, representing the return of the Prophet in the form of a child -- apparently not a violation of the prohibition on displaying images of the Prophet the Muslim world often defended so vehemently. But this year the return of Muhammad ended in a blood bath, when a suicide bomber blew up himself and 57 others during prayers in the southern Pakistani city Karachi.

Islam has many faces, and on the Friday before the Prophet's birthday, SPIEGEL correspondents visited mosques from Nigeria to Indonesia to listen to the sermons of the imams. They were there in part to look into a suspicion that has taken hold in the West, especially since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Have the mosques been transformed from a place of prayer into a hotbed of extremism and center of Islamist indoctrination? Is there truly a dangerous clash of cultures underway, as so many people in Europe and America fear?

Radical preachers have actively contributed to this impression. In a Berlin mosque, a television crew secretly recorded the sermon of a Turkish imam who described the Germans as godless and railed against their alleged stench. In London, hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri called upon the faithful to murder female tourists in his native Egypt, saying: "If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her."

Other agents of the Koran speak moderately when addressing Western audiences, but their words turn decidedly more radical when directed towards Muslims. In an interview with SPIEGEL, television imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, perhaps currently one of the most influential Islamic scholars around, magnanimously conceded that there is also room in heaven for devout Christians and Jews. But on his Arab-language website a short time later, he made it clear that he believes that Christians and Jews are ultimately nothing more than infidels.

Be sure to read the whole article.

There are so many issues there...


Just to be clear...

"If a woman, even a Muslim woman, is naked and you have no way of covering her up, it is legitimate to kill her."

...It is legitimate to kill her!?!

I don't think so.

Only God or Allah could have created something so beautiful.

And only God or Allah has the right to take his creation off this Earth.

Who do these people think they are?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My New Workout

I'm all good with that.

I would be willing to commit to this workout.

God knows,
I hate going to the gym.

I can do this...

Who's With Me!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Many Faces of Evil

Evil comes with many faces, some would call 'her' evil.

I call her, well I don't 'call' her.

If I 'could', I wouldn't be writing this.

Iran's lunatic President Ahmadinejad is truly evil.

He the closest thing to Hitler my generation has ever seen.

Iran Suicide Bombers Ready To Hit Britain

IRAN has formed battalions of suicide bombers to strike at British and American targets if the nation’s nuclear sites are attacked. According to Iranian officials, 40,000 trained suicide bombers are ready for action.

The main force, named the Special Unit of Martyr Seekers in the Revolutionary Guards, was first seen last month when members marched in a military parade, dressed in olive-green uniforms with explosive packs around their waists and detonators held high.

Dr Hassan Abbasi, head of the Centre for Doctrinal Strategic Studies in the Revolutionary Guards, said in a speech that 29 western targets had been identified: “We are ready to attack American and British sensitive points if they attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.” He added that some of them were “quite close” to the Iranian border in Iraq.

In a tape recording heard by The Sunday Times, Abbasi warned the would-be martyrs to “pay close attention to wily England” and vowed that “Britain’s demise is on our agenda”.

I've heard reports that the 40,000 number is way over stated, but so what?

If I recall, Hitler's orders were to 'Test the French boarder, if any opposition was encountered, pull back'.

We all know how that went.

Nazi troops waltzed right into France.

But, Great Britain is no France, or are they?

Blair Tells Bush Britain Won't Help U.S. Strike On Iran

LONDON -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair has reportedly warned U.S. President George W. Bush he cannot expect any military help from Britain for a strike on Iran.

Scotland on Sunday, citing government sources, reported that Blair has told Bush his country will not join an attack even if it has significant international support.

"We will support the diplomatic moves, at best," a Foreign Office source said. "But we cannot commit our own resources to a military strike."

Don't wuss out now Tony, you've come too far.

Monday, April 17, 2006

What's With The Easter Bunny?

So I'm at work today, this day after Easter, and a question arose.

Let me start with last night.

I talked to a cook (who is originally from Mexico), and he asked, ?Donte esta el conejo y huevos? (Where is the rabbit and eggs?)

I laughed a little and asked if they had the Easter Bunny in Mexico.

He laughed through his 'no!' as if to actually say, 'Hell no! That's crazy'.

So today I talked to my girlfriend, also from Mexico, and she said the same thing, 'We celebrate the holiday for what it is, the resurrection of Jesus.'

Well, that got me thinking.

So I asked my servers, they all grew up here in the US, and nobody knew what the hell the Bunny and the Eggs had to do with Easter.

So I found this...

How did the Easter bunny become part of a religious holiday?

We hopped around the Easter History category in the Yahoo! Directory, and then returned to the front page and searched on "easter bunny history" to dig up the dirt on this rascally rabbit. As it turns out, the Easter bunny has a long history as a pagan symbol that predates the Christian holiday. In fact, our sources suggest that early Christians purposefully co-opted the pagan hare to popularize their own holiday.

Quite a few pagan cultures hold celebrations in the spring. It's the time of year when plants return to life after being dormant all winter and when animals mate and procreate. These festivities celebrate the renewal of life and promote the fertility of crops, animals, and even people, which was important in these agrarian communities. The Saxons believed in a maiden goddess of fertility named Eastre or Eostre (Oestre in Latin) and honored her with a spring festival. Hares and rabbits were considered sacred to Eastre because they are notoriously fertile animals.

In the second century A.D., Christian missionaries tried to convert northern European tribes. To help make Christianity attractive, the missionaries turned pagan festivals into Christian holidays. The pagan Eastre festival occurred around the same time as the Christian celebration marking Christ's resurrection so the two celebrations blended into one, rabbit and all.

Over time, Eastre became Easter, and the symbolism changed as well. Instead of the Easter rabbit symbolizing fertility, the rabbit may symbolize an innocent, vulnerable creature that can be sacrificed, similar to the lamb. To Christians, these innocents are tokens of Christ and the sacrifice he made.

The Easter bunny we know today was influenced by German traditions dating back to the 1500s. German children believed that the Oschter Haws (a magical rabbit) would leave them a nest of colored eggs at Eastertime if they were good. Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought this tradition to America in the 1700s.

On a related note, eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth and thus associated with spring celebrations. In the 600s, Pope Gregory the Great forbade the eating of eggs during Lent (the 40 days proceeding Easter), and this helped make eggs a special treat at Easter. Many European cultures also have old customs of decorating eggs and giving them as gifts.

Well that clears it up for me...

If the Easter Bunny looked like this girl, I would have stayed up all night the Saturday before Easter.

Mmmmm, I'll never eat a chocolate bunny the same again...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I Have Good News and Bad News

What do you want first?

Most people want the bad news first, so here it is...

TEHRAN, Iran Apr 12, 2006 (AP)Iran's hard-line president said Tuesday that the country "has joined the club of nuclear countries" by successfully enriching uranium for the first time a key process in what Iran maintains is a peaceful energy program.

The announcement from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was certain to heighten international tensions surrounding Iran's nuclear program. The U.N. Security Council has demanded that Iran stop all enrichment by April 28 because of suspicions the program is designed to make nuclear weapons.

Ahmadinejad warned the West that trying to force it to abandon uranium enrichment would "cause an everlasting hatred in the hearts of Iranians."

Well then, we are supposed to believe that Ahmadinejad is all about peaceful uses of his new breakthrough?

I don't think so.

It is ridiculous to think the same man that said Israel should be 'wiped off the map' would be interested in anything else.

Iran's enrichment program has not progressed to the point of nuclear weapon capability, but they are on the path, and isn't that enough?

Are you ready for the good news?

I work among mainly ideologicall college students.

I'd say 75% of my employees are in college, with liberal professors and all.

And for the first time I started hearing concerns.

The buzz, albeit small, was about Iran and their enrichment breakthrough.

That is a great start.

If these kids are starting to worry, and the MSM is actually reporting it, we just may be a country moving in the right direction, finally.

I hope I'm right, and I hope it continues.

And just to get the bad taste out of your mouth from that pic of Ahmadinejad, here's a little hard candy...


Monday, April 10, 2006

See, Islamists Engage In Healthy Debates

Oh wait, what I meant to say was that they bully anyone that disagrees with them.

Staring down intimidation
[Hat Tip: America Awakes]

It took 10 police officers to keep order last month when Brigitte Gabriel gave a speech at Memphis University. A passionate and powerful speaker who had witnessed Palestinian terrorism and experienced anti-Jewish and anti-Christian propaganda in her native Lebanon, Ms. Gabriel had been invited to speak at the Tennessee campus by religious studies professor David Patterson.

But the day before Ms. Gabriel's speech, Mr. Patterson began receiving threatening e-mails.

"Do you honestly think the scheduled lecture will serve any useful purpose other than inflaming the Muslims, insulting them and spilling poison in the community?" one message said.

Another said that inviting Ms. Gabriel to speak was "worse than hosting of the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan," and another described her as among "the true enemies of Islam."

When Ms. Gabriel and Mr. Patterson arrived in the campus auditorium 15 minutes before her scheduled presentation, several rows of seats in the front of the room were already occupied by men and women dressed in distinctive Muslim clothing.

Before Ms. Gabriel was introduced, a Muslim man who has been a long-term graduate student at the university strode to the front of the room and announced: "We have been told that the speaker will only accept questions written on cards. Everyone who believes this is an undemocratic lecture, raise your hands." The Muslims in the audience shouted their agreement.
Ms. Gabriel then went to the front of the room and announced that the lecture belonged to her and that all who did not see it this way were welcome to leave. Two campus police officers stood, one on either side of her. They also called for backup. By the time order was restored and Ms. Gabriel began her speech, 10 police officers were posted in the room. Mr. Patterson implored the audience to give her a chance to be heard.

After her speech, she answered every question submitted -- questions she described as "Palestinian talking points" -- before the Muslim audience members swarmed onto the stage and surrounded her, yelling angrily at her. Finally, police officers grabbed her and hustled her out a side door. Someone else had to retrieve her coat and suitcase while she waited in a police car to be driven to the hotel where, for security reasons, she was registered under a fictitious name.

Only after she had locked her door and drawn the curtains, did Ms. Gabriel allow herself to begin to tremble.

"The intimidation takes a toll on you," Ms. Gabriel said in an e-mail message to friends after the Memphis speech. "I was dreading this all day, ever since my hosts told me they had been receiving hostile e-mail about my lecture. It was weighing so heavily on my heart. My stomach was in knots. I got a migraine headache. I knew I was going into battle, and there was no way out of it. I was nervous and stressed. Each time this happens, I hate it and it makes me feel that I don't want to do it anymore. But I will do it. I will never stop. If we stop, the Islamists will have won. We cannot allow that to happen."

And this, from a woman that simply wanted to speak about her experiences in her native country.

How frightening is that?

'All I'm her to talk about is my experience of Islam in my native country'

And all hell breaks loose, and she's swarmed on stage.

Aahhh, something you Muslims are trying to hide?

I'd bet dollars to doughnuts, the answer is YES.

And let's not forget, this was in Tennessee!

Don't look away, pay attention, or you're going to wake up without a country!


This is where I put up a gratuitous pic of a hot web babe, but this pic has two of them...


Is that one of Fu2rman's favorite bloggers Atlas Shrugs and Brigette Gabriel?

Why yes it is!

Damn, how I'd love to be the meat in that sandwich.

What a conversation that would be...

Intelligent and Hot, YUMMY!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Run This Bi-atch Out Of Washington

How utterly ridiculous is this.

Cynthia McKinney thinks she is so high and mighty that she expects a security officer to recognize
her face among the (I heard reported) 35,000 faces seen each day.

Not to mention, she just changed her hair, and our black princess refuses to wear her congressional ID pin.

So when asked, 3 times, to stop and identify herself, after skipping past the metal detector to enter congress, an officer grabbed her arm.

Well that was unacceptable touching, and racial profiling, according to C-Mac, so she felt it justified to take a swing at the officer.

What a grandiose sense of self importance this broad has, can you imagine?!

Hey C-Mac, you looks crazy! I'd be stoppin' yo' ass too!

Sorry Ms. McKinney, I'm kidding, but someone from your home state has something to say to you...

The Valdosta Daily Times

Our Opinion: McKinney embarrasses home state

As a federal prosecutor decides whether to press charges against Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., we ask ourselves why she feels the need to embarrass her home state.

McKinney is one of the 435 people who comprise the U.S. House of Representatives. Besides frequently changing hair styles, she refuses to wear one of the identification badges given to members of Congress so Capitol security officers may avoid the kind of problem that arose recently. McKinney refused to stop when security didn’t recognize her. An officer whose job it is to protect McKinney and everyone else at the Capitol attempted to stop her. She wheeled around and struck the hapless officer.

The incident should never have escalated to that point. As U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer said, “Even the high and haughty should be able to stop and say, ‘I’m a congressman’ and then everybody moves on.”

McKinney knows that officers indiscriminately stop anyone they don’t recognize. The Sept. 11 attacks should have made everyone aware that terrorists who wish to inflict harm on our country could launch a ground attack at the Capitol if they believe security is lax enough. Rather than helping officers, McKinney has made their job much more difficult by needlessly distracting them.

This controversy is gaining momentum at a time when Georgians should be concentrating on welcoming 43 international and stateside business investors to our state as part of the Red Carpet Tour. These investors, who will be staying for a three-day excursion, may be looking to relocate or expand businesses in Georgia. We can only hope that McKinney’s inexcusable actions don’t tarnish the image of our state as we try to make it more appealing to visitors.

Our elected officials are the embodiment of Georgia at the Capitol. We hope that in the future, McKinney will care enough about her state to avoid embarrassing it further.

C-Mac, you may have just un-elected yourself, hope it was worth it, catering to your way over-inflated ego that is.

Just so we can end on a good note, I'm sending in an assassin to kill McKinney's political career...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vampires: Great In Fantasy, Sick In Reality

I have, as long as I can remember, had a certain affinity for Vampires.

Maybe that contributed to my love of staying up all night and sleeping away most of the daylight hours.

I don't know why it was so attractive to me, but I know I'm not alone.

Vampire movies have been popular since the beginning of motion pictures.

Is it our lust for blood? Our lust for eternal life?

I don't know.

Either way, it is fantasy.

Just good clean fun.

But what would any of us sane people think of actually causing another to bleed?

I will speak for myself here...

I would be creeped out big-time.

I don't particularly like the sight of real blood.

So the thought of actually causing someone to bleed is totally disturbing to me.

And then I read this on The Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

It's originally from Gates of Vienna.

What The Hell Is Wrong With These People?

Why are they so into blood and death? New contributor, Apollon Zamp, explains at Gates of Vienna.

This is more than sick to me.

I can't fathom hurting someone I love, especially if it was my own child.

Granted, this is a fringe Muslim group, but it is going un-checked.

If a similar ritual (be it Christian, Jewish or other) went on in the US, I guarantee, this kid would not be spending tonight with this sick man that calls himself a father.

Unfortunately, this shows the divide that we have to cross with Islam if we wish to obtain peace.

If Muslim countries don't have a fiery passion against such heinous acts, we must believe they condone this behavior.

This is the enemy we face.

Our nice little passive, politically correct war we are waging on terror, will not do.

We do not have their attention.

Citizens of the world, get a back-bone, and rip this tree out from the roots...


Convert to Islam now, it will save you time in the fu2r.

Monday, April 03, 2006

In Case This Was Missed

I have been commenting back and forth with a very inteligent man, Harry Eagar.

He has renewed my passion for this war on terror.

And this Babe elevated it a little too.

(click on her for the full size image)

I have been frustrated, complacent, and accepting of the status quo.

So here is a bit of our exchange that has got me back in the game...

Harry Eagar: Thoughtful commentators, much closer to the scene in western Asia than I am, like the Syrian political scientist Bassam Tibi (based, significantly, in Germany), said before the invasion of Iraq that Arab Muslims have no interest in democracy.

Events suggest he was right.

Fu2rman: Muslims have no interest in democracy.

That may be true.

So what is the alternative?

Stay out of their way?

Since we are saying we can't go in and over-throw their current regimes, and install a democratic government, what do we do?

I would love to hear a better alternative.

HE: Change the religion. That's what happened to Christianity, only with Islam it has to happen much faster. With Christianity it took over 300 years.

Here's the deal.

1. Accept that the WoT is really a war of civilization v. Islam.

2. Prefer, in the name of humanity, to avoid the '20-minute solution,' which in any event is impractical.

3. Adopt the Bonifacian solution. Boniface, the 'Apostle to the Germans,' destroyed the basis of their devotion by cutting down their sacred trees. Since the tree-gods did not retaliate, the Germans lost faith in their power. (This is a simplified version, in real life it was more complicated.)

4. Instead of pussyfooting around and respecting Islam, the rest of the world has to say out loud, 'We despise what your religion stands for, and we defy your god to defend it or you. We are coming not just for a few Islamofascists, but for Mohammed and Allah as well. Let them stop us if they can.'

In one version, I suggested (before the invasion of Afghanistan) that the US submit a list of, say, the 100 holiest mosques or shrines in Islam and announce that, unless Allah could stop cruise missiles, one per hour would be destroyed.

I liked that approach because it targeted things but not people. Well, it would not targeted their bodies; it would, of course,have caused enormous psychic pain, but, heck, I'm told we caused enormous psychic pain just by publishing some snarky cartoons.)

F2: I am in 100% agreement with you on this.

However, I still don't think the political, media, and public opinion climate would stand for an all out assult on the religion itself.

This conversation will continue...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fu2rman Has Seen The Light

Ah yes, with the recent interest in the UPS girl, I've found that more people read this site when a Hot Babe is prominently displayed.

So, I've been wanting to post on the immigration issue that is so prevalent in the news, esp. in California.

So here goes.

That's a pretty hot Latina!

(Click on her for the full size)

Are you listening now?


I have been hearing so many things in the media about this issue.

A few things stood out as I watched the media coverage of the demonstrations...

One, the demonstrations were SO PEACEFUL.

500,000 people showed up to protest bills that would be introduced in Congress, but they were all so PEACEFUL.

Of course they were peaceful!

The majority of demonstrators were here illegally, they couldn't afford to be arrested!

Next, many of them voiced the fact that they just wanted a better life, a good education, and a good job, they had to come to the US for that. And it's not fair that the US was going to tell them that they couldn't have that.

I understand, I get it.

But who pays for that education?

US citizens, that's who.

So is it unfair for you and I, the tax payer, to say we don't want to pay for it?

I don't think so.

I have mentioned before that I work in the Restaurant business.

I've worked for Mom & Pop places, as well as large corporate places.

I've seen Social Security numbers come up bad on illegal employees.

And thanks to the sophistication of fake document makers, we terminate them one day, and they come back 2 days later with a new Social Security Card, Drivers License, and they're back to work.

The system is out of control.

I don't want to sound like I'm unsympathetic, so let me give you a little more background.

I am dating a great girl.

She grew up in Mexico, graduated from college in Mexico, and came here to learn English and to go for the American Dream.

But she did it legally.

It was a pain in the ass, but she did it.

I'm not sitting here talking BS about something I know nothing about.

Many of the words you've just read are from our conversations.

Part of the draw of the US that our friends from the south seek, is that we are a nation of laws.

Believe me, that is something new to them.

Not that the US is without corruption, but Mexico is more corrupt than even I thought.

To further the issues that illegal immigration brings to a society, let's talk schools and health care.

Schools in Los Angeles are a mess.

They are instituting a final exam of sorts.

One that would say if a senior could in fact receive a diploma.

Many say that it is racist, and targets latinos.

Uhh, OK, Why?

Because it asks questions that every young American should know if they are at a high school graduate level?

I think it would be racist and keep latinos in the lower end of the socio-economic scale if we don't get them to that level.

Let's talk emergency rooms.

On spanish language television and radio, they tell poor hispanic families how to get free healthcare in the US.

They say, go to the nearest emergency room, but don't call a cab, that will cost you money, call an ambulance.

The ambulance and the emergency room must take you, even if you can't pay.

And last year Los Angeles started closing ER's because of it.

This is a downward spiral.

And we all know where that goes.

It's time to put a stop to it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yes, Ain't Capitalism Grand!

Some time last
week one of my oldest and best friends sent me an email containing quite a few pictures of a hot little blonde in a barely there UPS uniform.

I didn't thin
k too much of it, but I shot it over to Pastorius for consideration as an Infidel Babe of the Week.

It fit, I thought, it's capitalism, and a company known world-wide.

Here is the result...

Infidel Babe Of The Week

The UPS girl, making sure my, uh, package arrives on time.

As the Fu2rman says, "Ain't Capitalism grand?"

Well, 30 something comments later...

Some were positive, some, well, go see for yourself.

I'll just say this, I will not cave to the pressure, this 'Pic controversy' will not deter me.

No amount of Political Correc
tness will stop me!

So, as so many of us did with the 'Cartoon controversy', so will I again...

The series, in its entirety!